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Survivor-Online is designed and run by myself, Haydon Rouse with some help from some volunteers from the forums. It's predominantly a fan site for the ITV programme Survivor. It isn't the official site which can be found at: www.itv-survivor.co.uk and is in no way affiliated with ITV, Carlton or Planet24.

I started the site back in May 2001, just before the first series started in the UK. I run my own web design and internet consultancy business called Saxons Design.com, so this isn't my full time job. I therefore can not guarantee to answer all the emails I receive. If, you have a specific question relating to Survivor you may find the answer in the SO Forums, but if you don't I would suggest registering and asking a member of our friendly community to help you out.

I don't get paid for doing this site so if you enjoy it, please consider recommending me for any web design work that you hear about. Please also consider making a small donation to help me fund the site and the bandwidth it uses.

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These are the people who used to help me out by moderating the forums, running quizes, games, posting news, answering members questions and various other jobs:

Joey C

The volunteers have now changed.


Survivor-Online.co.uk is NOT the official UK Survivor website.
Copyright 2001-2006 Haydon Rouse. All Rights Reserved.