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12/08/2006 highlights show, featuring the weeks events
13-08-2006, 07:11 AM
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12/08/2006 highlights show, featuring the weeks events

Just thought Id give a little description of what we were shown for those who havent been able to watch Love Island this week (like me [Image: frown.gif] ) Forgive me if Ive missed anything out !

First of all we had Shane leaving, and it shocked the others. He waited until everyone had finished dinner, stood up and addressed the group, telling them he was going. Sophie promptly burst into tears, as did the wuss Lee. Everyone was sorry to see him go, but FFS was it really necessary for him to launch into a goodbye speech that made no sense whatsoever? That man could bore for England. He always sounds like he is preaching, he speaks in long sentences that make not a lot of sense and on later analysis you realise he has actually said nothing at all, and certainly nothing interesting. He's hardly spoken (thank god), for the entire series, but when he does, he uses about 100 words when about 20 would do. Lovely looking guy but I was glad to see the back of him.

Sophie has now limpeted herself onto Chris in an almost scarily intense way. Yep thats the word I was searching for last night when I watched it - intense. You can practically see him sweating as she gets more and more demanding. Lying on the beach, canoodling, Chris tried to bring the runaway train to a screeching halt, saying "I enjoy our kisses and cuddles etc and love being like this, but I worry sometimes that all this is tooo fast? That we should put the brakes on a little?" Sophie's answer to that was to turn on her side, put her arm over him while sitting up slightly (dominant pose), ignore what he was saying and go in for the kill again. We were later shown Chris and Sophie, in the same pose, but this time Chris had his hands holding her head and it was to keep her away from him. This is going to crash and burn spectacularly I reckon. He is already mentally fending her off, which is making the needy Sophie worse and even more intense, it will only be a matter of time before he loses it and tells her to back off completely. Cue Sophie having a breakdown.

I enjoyed Brendan FINALLY working up the guts to tell Lee something to his face (rather than bitch in the Beach Hut about him). Brendan had a laminate to read out about the task and called everyone poolside. Lee could hear him perfectly well from the kitchen, and yet chose to go into the stubborn, "Ahhh'll coom when ahh'm ready, me; dorrrrnt tell me what ter do" mode. Brendan then lost his rag and shouted to Lee, as he finally, slowly strolled poolside, fag in hand, that he was disrespectful etc etc etc. Lee manipulated the situation entirely and after telling Brendan firmly, "Im 24 years old! Stop talkin to me like Im a child", promptly burst into tears and was comforted later by Kelle (WHY did she fall for that crap?), while he played his little-boy-lost role. But remember folks, he definitely is NOT a child..... *rolls eyes* Brendan looked on in disgust.

Bianca, Kelle and Sophie went on a "man-hunt" along the coast in a boat, but instead found the "man-slag" Calum Best on a beach. The body language in that was interesting too. As their boat drew up, Sophie was so eager to get out first to greet him (as she sees herself as at the top in the pecking order), she jumped into waist deep water which mustve secretly gutted her but she was utterly determined to be first. Calum greeted her and Kelle, and then clocked Bianca who looked stunning and immediately went into "hey you look beuuuuuudiffffful" mode, completely ignoring Sophie. Noticeably too, when they got back to the resort, Bianca went straight to Colleen and told her, "of all the people I wanted in here, its him. Ive fancied him for ages. When they asked me, who would be your ideal contestant, I said Calum!" , which quite nicely gave Colleen the message that Bianca (despite her dalliance with Leo) wanted her to keep away from Calum.

Bianca and Calum were voted into the Love Shack, and we saw her arrive in the pouring rain. Both she and Calum were laid back and Bianca seemed to be handling it quite well, looking cool and not eagerly jumping all over him. In fact Calum instigated the first kiss on the lips (not a full on snog though). Last we saw of them on this highlights show was them settling down to bed with Bianca stroking his arm (not sure if anything else has happened since?).

We saw Sophie gurning and sobbing in the Beach Hut following Shane's departure, swiftly followed by shots of her munching on Chris Brosnan's ear. So she seemed to have moved on quite quickly - something that Chris noticed and commented upon in the Beach Hut himself.

There was a task where each girl was balanced on a seat over the swimming pool and their partners had to keep them above the water by pulling on a rope. It was a test of strength and endurance, which actually turned out to be a personal battle between Lee and Brendan. Lee puffed and panted and held onto the rope with both hands for 58 minutes, going purple in the face. The camera moved over to Brendan, who at one point Im certain was holding the rope with one hand and hadnt even broken into a sweat ! Lol.... Lee lost and the watching public cheered as the bald headed cretin said, "Ahhhhmmmm sorrrehhhhh Colleeeeeennnnnn" and let the rope go, dropping her into the pool. Brendan said later that the task was all about "Focasssss, jast focassssinnn'" No it wasnt, it was about getting even with the bald headed, whingeing, immature ponce that is Lee and Im glad he did.

At the end, we are informed that Lady Victoria Hervey is coming back into the resort tonight. Patrick Kielty was almost rubbing his hands with glee at the thought of Victoria strolling in and asking Sophie why, if you describe me as your best friend have you called me a bitch and more to the point, why are you now crawling all over the guy I really fell for on the Island?

Im definitely tuning in tonight (Sunday) and I hope they provide knuckledusters

Liking the cut of your jib.........[Image: aniburns.gif]
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15-08-2006, 10:06 AM
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12/08/2006 highlights show, featuring the weeks events
I have to say....:laugh: I am sooooooooo enjoying Chris on this programme.
I did'nt take to him at all in the beginning...but he really amuses me now.

'Come away, oh human child, to the waters and the wild.With a fairy hand in hand...for the world is more full of weeping than you will understand.........'
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15-08-2006, 10:26 AM
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12/08/2006 highlights show, featuring the weeks events
Thanks for that P, I recorded it, but I have so much stuff on tape that I've not bothered to watch the update episode.

I thought it was funny that Chris dropped Sophie in the swannie after about 10 seconds!
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