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A Different Perspective (ALMOST a different show)?!?!
30-11-2004, 07:57 AM
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A Different Perspective (ALMOST a different show)?!?!

I work 5pm - 1am. As a result I see the live feed rather than the "presented" highlights. Sunday was the only time I've seen Ant n Dec... and I have to go to the ITV site to see belated trials. I've noticed others (who seem to watch both) comment on how the editing can change the way the celebs are perceived, while those who see little or no live feed have reached opinions (in some cases) almost totally opposed to my own. It's like one group are watching doppelgangers, some of whom can't imitate their counterparts too well.

This has been especially obvious in some of the comments following Nancy's departure. As a "live feed watcher".. I was convinced she and Vic got fewest votes ONLY because the voters objected to a couple having an unfair advantage over the others. However, read the comments of the "highlight watchers" and there 's a whole other reason too. Vic and Nance were/are "too quiet"!!!

I find that pretty amazing, really. The editor(s) must have genuinely struggled to make Nancy appear "quiet". Except for when she was sleeping/dozing... she was ALWAYS talking, being silly, doing or saying SOMETHING. While she wasn't as funny as she tried to be, very often, nor was she particularly irritating. To me, it appeared that (by accident or design) she'd slipped into the role of "camp morale booster"... always gibbering, mucking around and finding a few minutes each day to have 1-on-1's with the others. How on earth did they edit ALL THAT into any degree or impression of "quiet"?!

Vic was quiet for a day or two but, once he'd settled in, became as vocal as most of the others (cept his wife)! He's also been inventive at making games and suggesting things for people to do to alleviate boredom. Just occasionally, he's been as funny as we know he can be. In his case, I can at least see how he could be edited to appear "quiet".... but Nattering Nance?!!!!

I CANNOT BELIEVE that making somebody appear completely differently to how they actually were was entirely accidental in this instance. So, I take to wondering WHY they (ITV) might want to engineer a public perception of Nancy that'd lead to her departure. I can't think of one... but I'll remain convinced that her going was assisted.

One additional observation: Following Gnat's departure, Sheila and Sophie appear to be getting on like the proverbial combusting residence.
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30-11-2004, 08:04 AM
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A Different Perspective (ALMOST a different show)?!?!
Thanks for that Repetiton. I just had a feeling that we weren't seeing all of Nancy on the editted highlights.

Yep, it sure does make you wonder what the thinking is behind the editting. If she's quite entertaining then why not show that? It really makes even more of a farce of bringing Vic in at all. Although I can't understand why he didn't just come in with the rest of them. That was all a bit of a damp squib.
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30-11-2004, 08:11 AM
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A Different Perspective (ALMOST a different show)?!?!
Interesting stuff Repetition. This seems to happen to someone every year, apparently Mike Reed was great fun in the camp, but but we saw none of that. I don't understand it either, but I do think that this year so much attention and air time has been given to Natalie that others have suffered as a result.
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30-11-2004, 09:07 AM
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A Different Perspective (ALMOST a different show)?!?!
I think this expalins why when on Survivor there was a Million pounds up for grabs the public vote based on editing would be a catastrophe. This is edited to keep it entertaining!?!? There is no way it can be objective.
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30-11-2004, 12:14 PM
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A Different Perspective (ALMOST a different show)?!?!
I agree, I think the editing for this series has been particularly slanted. Another good example is how they keep making it seem like Sheila is always singing for no reason except to show off her voice.

I was watching the live feed a few days ago, and after supper, everyone started asking Sheila to do an after-dinner song. She said no, but they persisited and eventually started chanting 'Sheila, Sheila' so she got up and did a very short version of My Way' -it was very good BTW,and then she shut up.

Of course, later that night, when I saw the edited show on ITV, all they showed was her singing (without showing that actually, everyone at camp pestred her to) so of course the public think 'Sheila singing again...'. Nancy probably sang as much or more than Sheila, but they hardly ever showed it on ITV, and she was always talking about having performed at one show or another. Sheila could have been boasting about having opened for The Beatles at Shea Stadium, or performing with Marvin Gaye, but she didn't.

THe editing is very dodgy in general.
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