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Born with two mothers
21-04-2005, 10:46 PM
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Born with two mothers

Anyone else see this tonight, it was quite an interesting progam.

The basis of it was two couples, one white one black, both had IVF, the white couple get pregnant, the black couple don't.
Turns out that that there has been a mix up with the eggs and the white couples baby is actually the black couples baby. The woman who was pregnant gave birth and apparently whoever gives birth to the child is legally the mother, even if the DNA is proven to be different.

The interesting thing of this program was that the only actors were both the couples, all the judges, social workers, doctors etc. were all real and behaving in a way they would in real life.

In the end the child actually ended up with his genetic mother and father which imo has to be the correct thing.
But I wonder if the same would have happened if both the couples were all white or all black? The main reason they gave for the baby going back to the genetic parents was ethical and racial differences. If both couples had been of the same background would the court have been in favour of keeping the baby with the birth mother rather than the genetic mother, I don't know?

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22-04-2005, 04:21 PM
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Born with two mothers
I did watch and enjoy it and had no clue right until the end what the decision was going to be. I thought it was the right decision given those circumstances but heartbreaking for the other parents.
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25-04-2005, 07:58 PM
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Born with two mothers
It threw up all sorts of ethical problems about modern science. I found myself devestated for the white couple. Can you imagine carrying a child for 9 months, raising it for 10 months then being ordered to only see it once a month.

I found myself thinking that they should'nt have told the other couple about the mix up. It may have had there genetic code, but its the carrying and bringing into this world that should have determined parentship
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