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Brendan and the Cleaning
29-07-2006, 04:50 PM
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Brendan and the Cleaning

Anyone see Brendan's foul mouthed tirade in the Beach Hut last night? He ranted for ages and ages about the filthiness of the accommodation, mainly due to one or two people's poor hygiene and inconsideration.

Lee Otway (who irritates the life out of me), came in for most of the rant and quite rightly by the looks of it. Apparently he NEVER washes up unless prompted, has never swept up or made his bed, when he has finished a meal he simply gets up and leaves his plate and cutlery there for someone else to pick up after him and if he's had a sandwich he makes a mess and walks off.

We later saw Lee in action and yes, as Brendan pointed out, its obvious that his mother still wipes his arrrrrse for him.

Brendan kept his cool and said, "Lee thats no way to leave the kitchen... here, look, this is how you clean up..." and started to show him. Lee took the opportunity to say in a voice laden with sarcasm, "yes Brendan - YOU show me how to clean up, lad...." while laughing to his mate Leo and making 'w**ker' signs behind Brendan's back.

Two things annoyed me about this - Lee, is obviously an inconsiderate little git and is starting to get extremely irritating. He isnt QUITE as attractive/amusing as he thinks he is and falls into the charmless category that Leo is in, IMO.

The other thing is that Brendan shouldve had the courage of his convictions and actually brought up the lack of consideration/cleaning problem with either all of them, or Lee on his own. Ranting in the beach hut like some adenoidal hard man and then going back out into the resort and acting like a pussy is no way to win respect OR get the job done.

Personally Id have gone back out there, rammed the broom up Lee's bony backside and bellowed in his face, "GETTTTTT SWEEEEEEPPPINNNNNNNN'" :wink2:

Liking the cut of your jib.........[Image: aniburns.gif]
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