Poll: CBB vs IAC showdown list 3
Kenzie ~CBB~
or.......Peter Andre ~IAC~
Jack Dee ~CBB~
or.......Joe Pasquale ~IAC~
Keith Duffy ~CBB~
or.......Fran Cosgrove ~IAC~
Les Dennis ~CBB~
or.......Paul Burrell ~IAC~
Goldie ~CBB~
or.......Neil Ruddock ~IAC~
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CBB vs IAC showdown list 3
03-12-2005, 10:26 AM
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CBB vs IAC showdown list 3

Please submit your votes on the list above. (multiple voting)

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03-12-2005, 12:39 PM
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CBB vs IAC showdown list 3
Kenzie vs Jordan's bloke ~ Kenzie was a twerp.....a little one! That doesn't mean to say Peter Andre is great - 'cos he aint. He just aint!.......but i liked him (marginally) more than i did the Kenzie kid. And that's as far as i'm going.......

Dee vs Pasquale ~ I found Joe piggin' Pasquale a little irksome to be honest witcha (that means "with you" for those not too familiar with Kenzie-speak) and I think Jack Dee is okay, and i thought his presence in the House made interesting viewing (enjoyed the contrast between him and Eubank), particularly some of those great facial expressions he produced when he became utterly perplexed and bewildered by the Eubank fella's should we say.......eccentric behaviour......
Pasquale's voice eventually got on my wick (that is to say after hearing it for the first minute-and-a-half of the first show, that is to say.....as soon as they arrived in camp.........annoying.....):wallbash:

Duffy vs Cosgrove ~ I didn't dislike Keith Duffy. I just never blinking-well knew who the hell he was or what his "talents" were (guess the same could be said of Fran though) Tough one really - but I'm opting for Fran on the basis of one particular moment in camp in which he made me laugh my ass off (I believe it was the "restaurant idea" that he had been discussing with some of the others around the campfire one night). He was good fun I suppose. He gets my vote.

Dennis vs Burrell ~ I thought highly of the Paul Burrell/Janet Street-Porter package. The banter between those two was good fun. But for me, he seemed to be acting his way through the show (don't they all?/!), whereas Les Dennis came across more natural (as if he was glad to finally get an opportunity to shed his celebrity, albeit in the confines of an ego-sphere) But yeah, I liked Les Dennis. He provided some glad moments and some sad moments, and you couldn't help but feel a little sorry for the poor bloke - considering that at the time, his Amanda was getting a good seeing-to by Morissey (not the artist, the ac-tor & voice of "Bob the Builder"). Where must his mind have been?? So Les Dennis for me.

Goldie vs Ruddock ~ Not even a gold tooth could win me over here. Don't remember too much of Goldie's appearance on CBB. I do though remember him having one or two heated exchanges with some of the other Housemates and i was just watching with interest to see if we would have our very first Celebrity Big Brother Murder Enquiry (with bags of video evidence!). Never materialized though. "Razor" Ruddock on the other hand was calmness personified and nothing ever seemed to phase him (not bad considering he was in there with Brockett and Peter "bloody" Andre). Ruddock scores for IAC.

scores after round three ~ CBB 7 IAC 8

:sun: w o o d s t o c k:beer:
"I'm not a bird, I'm a festival!" :bored:
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