Poll: CBB vs IAC showdown list 4
Chris Eubank ~CBB~
or.......Nigel Benn ~IAC~
Mark Owen ~CBB~
or.......Sid Owen ~IAC~
Jeremy Edwards ~CBB~
or.......Darren Day ~IAC~
Bez ~CBB~
or.......John Lydon ~IAC~
John McCrirrick ~CBB~
or.......Janet Street-Porter ~IAC~
Davina & Dermot ~CBB~
or.......Ant & Dec ~IAC~
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CBB vs IAC showdown list 4
03-12-2005, 10:31 AM
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CBB vs IAC showdown list 4

Please submit your final round of votes on the list above. (multiple voting)

:sun: w o o d s t o c k:beer:
"I'm not a bird, I'm a festival!" :bored:
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03-12-2005, 01:23 PM (This post was last modified: 03-12-2005 01:25 PM by Woodstock.)
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CBB vs IAC showdown list 4
Eubank vs Benn ~ wow! - can you just imagine these two ever getting it on??........ahh, hang on a moment........yep, sorry my mistake......
Chris Eubank's pomposity vs Nigel Benn's lisp - it's going to get dirty. I always cheered on Eubank when he fought Benn so why should I deviate now?? I still haven't lost the memory of Mr Eubank scootering footloose and fancy free through the CBB house. Those were quite amazing scenes and shall go down in the annals of "ridiculous tv" history. I liked Benn in IAC but I enjoyed Eubank in CBB. Eubank by TKO.

Owen vs Owen ~ well, couldn't resist this match-up. So, it's Take That vs Eastenders. I hate Eastenders......and I er.......hate Take That. However I found both of these celebs quite likeable. Mark Owen was the "clean man's Bez"......i guess. I loved Sid Owens pi*staking exploits where Bobby "Von Von" Ball was concerned. Really amusing. It was nice to see Mark Owen win CBB because he looked genuinely gobsmacked. When the moment arrived where he had the entire house to himself, he lay down and took the opportunity to reflect. It was quite a poignant scene because you often fail to realize what it means to these people. It can culminate in new opportunities opening up for them...............so what is Mark Owen doing these days?? I vote for the Manc.

Edwards vs Day (the male counterparts of Jordan & Caprice) ~ Again, i can just close my eyes and then click any box. Oh look......I ticked Jeremy Edwards' box. Interesting. Not.

Bez vs John Lydon ~ I ticked both. I loved 'em both. Teriffic entertainment the two of them. It's amazing when you consider the extent to which drugs can alter the personality. For these two though it's worked favourably. Loveable chaps, and both added a bit of madness to the respective shows. Never Mind The Mel*ns!

McCrirrick vs Street-Porter ~ what a match-up! it's a clash that sees Johnny Mac's sideburns up against Janet's gnashers. Forget Eubank vs Benn, this one's the real deal! Arrogance in the extreme and attitude at altitude. I'm not entirely sure which I would rather not see - John McCrirrick brushing his teeth over a bathroom sink......or.......Janet Street-Porter brushing her teeth over a bathroom sink......I know which one i have seen and i presume the alternative would be equally as heinous a scene to bear witness to. Eeny meeny miny mo..........John McCrirrick steals the show..............by far less than a furlong.

Which leaves just one more showdown................

Davina & Dermot vs Ant & Dec ~ no contest. A & D run 'em ragged.

final score ~ CBB 12 IAC 10

:sun: w o o d s t o c k:beer:
"I'm not a bird, I'm a festival!" :bored:
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