Poll: Penny for yer World Cup thoughts...
(1a) Owen and Walcott
(1b) ...or Bent and Defoe
(2a) Aaron Lennon
(2b) ...or Shaun Wright-Phillips
(3a) David Beckham to start matches
(3b) ...or Aaron Lennon
(4a) England to forget Owen and look to the future
(4b) ...or Keep faith with Owen
(5a) Steve McLaren will put things right
(5b) ...or McLaren is Sven mark II
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Can an Owen-free England win the World Cup?
25-06-2006, 02:39 AM
Post: #11
Can an Owen-free England win the World Cup?

Rather than start up a new thread i thought it'd be a better idea to just pick a random thread in this World Cup section. :nerd: <--- a random smiley

Just been downstairs watching the reply (replay even) of tonight's match and stroking the cat (...not the type of pussy i wish to be stroking at this hour of a Saturday night...i prefer Persians), and I spotted the Daily Mirror lying around with the headline 'Chocalert'...which i thought was rather clever. Anyway, having noticed that i then quickly rotated the paper 180 degrees (as any normal football enthusiast would do) and spotted the usual 'rampant nationalism'-type headline concerning England and their World Cup odyssey - it read as follows...

...and those reasons were

1. It's our 7th finals appearance since 1966. We have to win 7 games to win the trophy

...okay, fair dinkum - first bit is true enough. But er...doesn't every team at the World Cup need to win 7 games??Huh

2. The words 'winners', 'England', 'captain', and 'Beckham' all have 7 letters

...again, this is quite true...but then so do the words 'tossers', 'useless'. 'dreamer', and 'pillock':bored:

3. The final's on Sunday, the 7th day of the week, in July, the 7th month of the year


4. England topped their group with 7 points, to set up a clash with Ecuador, which has 7 letters

...we really are scraping the barrel here aren't we

5. England have had 7 full-time managers who have failed to win the World Cup

...yeah...and it'll soon be 8

6. Sven Goran Eriksson has a 7-strong backroom staff. His full first name is Svennis, which has seven letters

...okay leave the barrel well alone now, there's nothing left in there, you'll just get splinters

7. And of course England captain David Beckham will (their word not mine) lift the trophy wearing the No.7 shirt

...okay fair dinkum, but i think Juan Riquelme is No.10 for Argentina - can you now do the same with him?...it's very clever.

Woodstock's Bonus reason as to why England might win the World Cup...

My birthday is on the 7th December - which indeed is the 7th day in December...:wacko:

:sun: w o o d s t o c k:beer:
"I'm not a bird, I'm a festival!" :bored:
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31-05-2011, 05:16 AM
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Can an Owen-free England win the World Cup?
I really like owen and am sad to see him go...

I would like to see young Lennon given more of a chance to stretch his legs afterall...it has been the youngest, new players that have made some of the biggest impacts in international tournaments past...Owen world cup, Rooney Europeans...Lennon World cup???
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