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Did Monday night's votes count?
02-05-2005, 11:39 PM
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Did Monday night's votes count?

I'm confused.

We saw last night (Sunday night, live) that Kellie and Terry were managing the kitchens themselves. We saw Caroline and Rasta Gary in the background working for example, we saw Simon wearing a red suit and eating in the restaurant (all Sunday night remember), then we see the final result on the same Sunday night - all still in their kitchen outfits, Simon still wearing his red suit, restaurant still full (having been told while live on Sunday night by Angus that the restaurant "would be closed tomorrow" Monday ).

So.....why are they still asking people to spend money to call and vote all Monday evening if the final award was given Sunday night??? What is the point of voting after Terry has already been given the award on Sunday night (even though we didn't see it till Monday, the award is already given, so no further votes make any difference....)

The award could not have been Monday night, I can't imagine Simon wearing the same outfit on tv two nights in a row.

Or am I just confused?
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03-05-2005, 08:34 PM
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Did Monday night's votes count?
I get confused about that S...but I think the Chefs were back with them last night and it was Sunday night that they were left to their own devices!

I may be wrong but from what I could see that was the case..... :unsure:

I only voted once the whole show anyway....and Kellie lost!

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