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Dispatches; How To Beat Your Kid's Asthma.
06-04-2006, 11:43 PM
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Dispatches; How To Beat Your Kid's Asthma.


Returned from choir practice and found this on Channel 4. I did miss 15 minutes but still watched the rest whilst having my dinner. As an asthmatic I thought it might throw some light on innovative asthma treatments, but instead it came to the old stalwart view of asthma causes.The allergy triggers. House dust, the dust mite, pets, feathers etc. In all these decades of asthma research these causes are still at the fore front.

You never hear of stress related asthma or excema until you reach adulthood. This browns me off. As children do react to stressful situations school, home and peer group pressure, in addition to any instability within the family relationships and bereavements.

In fact this programme I personally found annoying, as these parents who kept there homes to the best of there abilities were being blamed for there childs asthma. The medical profession represented took a matter of fact and dim view of these parents. So an experimental programme was run for 9 weeks with 9 children, and you know I was curiously wondering at what stage these medics would suggest that these children should live in a sterile bubble.

After all when these children visit there friends there not exactly going to be visiting a home that has been refurbished to the minimum with all wood floors and no soft furnishings what so ever.

The programme did state that 1 in 4 children are born asthmatics and some will have more than the one related medical problem excema or hayfever. I know I am being cynical here, as I have my own personal view that although a lot can be done to relieve the symptons of asthma, asthma is a serious life threatening pulmonary disorder which is in fact not curable.

Asthma spasms and the prevention of asthma attacks is controllable only through medication.

I get the strong feeling that as most asthmatics will use inhalers these inhalers cost the NHS a lot of money, and my gut tells me that it is another one of those 'heal thyself issues' being considered here on a large scale as opposed to individuals who suffer with asthma.

My other area of concern is that once you allow non medical approaches to gain strength - in will come a whole host of alternative therapists who are not qualified to treat those with such severe life threatening ailments.

Next week this programme aims to check on the progress of these children in their as near as possible clinical environment, and I hazard a guess that in the short term for the benefit of positive television we will be informed of drastic improvements or a reduction in the use of inhalers. But the longterm overview is that none of us, can live in a sterile bubble, have a life or quality of life, without going outside the boundaries of home.

Northern angel.

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