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Does anyone else think.....
25-07-2006, 10:06 PM
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Does anyone else think.....

that housemates who make it to weeks 8,9, 10...etc... all the way to the final week should only earn the title of week 9 housemate etc by having survived THAT amount of weeks in the house. In another week... Jenni will be able to claim she is in the BB house with only three weeks to go.... and yet she is only a blow in. I dont think this is fair. I think the process should change and on the opening night of Big Brother, they should put in ALL the housemates they will be using for the series.... even if its over and above the amount needed... to allow for the few people every year that walk... or even a few that are booted... it tends to settle down after that. Even if no one walks or is booted, it gives a great excuse for double or even triple eviction nights to clear them all in time for final night. If people are in week 9,10 ,etc... it should be because they have survived from DAY one to that. I find it very unfair to put in new people over half way through the show, and allow them to be there for the final three or four weeks. It is an achievement that should be well earned, and it would be much better to follow a person's journey in the house from the very first night. It would also take care of the nonsense of people entering the house who have outside knowledge of the other housemates and how the show is being received by the public. It would still be an exciting series if more thought was given to the tasks and twists... we would not need to see new people to stay interested.

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