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Finale Night Outfits !!
13-08-2005, 02:04 PM
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Finale Night Outfits !!

Trinny and Susannah eat your hearts out... lol :w00t:

Davina :- Looked gorgeous in a shimmering silver suit. So much better than the boring black, drab stuff she usually wears. But if only the skirt had been a near ankle length figure hugging pencil skirt and the jacket slightly longer and more fitted - she would have looked like a Goddess with a figure to die for !
Instead the skirt was A line and stopped just below her knee. As any woman knows, that is a deeply unflattering shape and even managed to make the reed slim Davina look chunky around the upper thighs and hips, when she actually isnt ! Gorgeous material though, and she did look nice.

Anthony :- Well we knew he would push the boat out on the last night didnt we? Vain and conceited to the end, lol. Nice pinstripe suit and shirt, even though the shirt collar was too high and made him look even shorter and more oompah loompah-like. He looked as sharp as a tack though.

Craig :- He knew Anferny was going to wear a pinstripe suit on the last night, so he decided to as well Rolleyes . Determined to be his loved one's clone, Craig looked smart but not very original.
More interesting than his clothes though was Craig's various attempts, when the camera homed in on him, to smile - it came across as a kind of sneering snarl!

Derek :- Looked the bees knees didnt he? But then he always did look smart. And he has the money.

Eugene :- Didnt bother dressing up for the grand finale. Just put on a nicely ironed, clean shirt and some best trousers. Bless him.

Kemal : - He looked ridiculous. Short black bob, huge Kylie-showgirl type feather head dress and a grotesque outfit. At least he took the pee out of himself though....

Kinga:- Kinga normally wears clothes that are ten sizes too small and also too short, which make her body look squat. Also someone needs to tell her which bra to wear with shoestring straps!

Last night, however, she teamed a pair of boot leg jeans with high heels (making her legs look longer and slimmer), and a rather lovely black baby doll top which showed her best assets, was nice and long - thus giving the impression she was longer in the body, and it actually fitted !!! Shame it was so see through, but we'll forgive her that. Coupled with some nice make up, Kinga looked good !

Lesley :- Despite losing 16lbs in weight (which you could tell from her face and across her chest), Lesley still makes the mistake of wearing mini skirts.

Sorry Les, but you are still overweight and mini skirts just dont suit you. The top was fine but had the skirt been a more flattering length and more flowing, we would have noticed the weight loss more and you would have looked a damn sight more classy.

Makosi :- Much as I loathe her, she looked stunning on the last night. No idea who did the hair or where the long ponytail came from, but it suited her face, her make up was perfect and the dress - although nice - would have benefited from being red mebbe..... Then it all went pearshaped didnt it? I know its cruel to laugh but haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahaahaahahaa

Mary :- Wore a gorgeous long, flowing white dress with a train.

What a pity it would only have looked at home in a church on her wedding day. All she needed was a bouquet and she couldve got married there and then.
And quit with the starey eyes Mary - you are not a witch, they dont exist, nobody ever believed you were one, and your eyes bulging out of their sockets just make you look like someone just shoved an electrical cable up your jacksey.

Maxwell :- Dear God. Wearing an ill advised brown tie dye jacket, trousers and flat cap, he came bounding onto the stage looking like the love child of Steptoe and Norman Wisdom.

Posing with his tongue out, Davina should have taken some scissors and matches, cut off his irritating tongue and ceremonially set fire to his outfit. While he was wearing it.

Orlaith : Wore a beautiful, flattering, shimmering silver dress. What a shame the hair extensions looked crap.

Roberto : Looked very very smart and Im quite sure that Cat slithered to the floor at the sight of the charming Italian, having a damn good lech :naughty: ........

Sam: Im only amazed she didnt turn up naked. Instead she appeared, Davina asked her a question, she screeched something about porn, grinned that terrifying Joker like smile and was off.
Davina got rid so quickly I cant remember what Sam wore !

Saskia : Got loadsa wolf whistles when she appeared and no wonder. She wore a gorgeous beige greek style mini dress, clinched in at the waist which showed off her stupendous figure. Excellent choice. Shame she was so annoying.

Science : Just looked like Science always looks really lol. Smart and street.

Vanessa :- Went for the usual pink and black corset combo. The woman is so boring and such a non entity I cant be arsed to say much.

She'd lost the weight she had put on in the house, thats about it really.
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