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Goddesses in Nigeria
08-10-2007, 04:08 PM
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Goddesses in Nigeria

Great and yet depressing story this

Quote:They were designed to cope with the aftermath of a nuclear strike, and came to be seen as hopelessly outdated. But now the Green Goddess fire engines have found a new mission - on the streets of Lagos and other African cities.

"When there is a fire, and you call the firemen, sometimes they don't respond; sometimes they close their offices and run away because they don't have any remedy to the situation, they don't have anything to offer."
This, according to Aloysius Ogabido, a fire officer from Lagos, is the bleak reality of fire fighting across much of Nigeria. "When you call [the fire service] on the phone," he says, "they will tell you they are human beings, they don't have anything to fight the fire, they don't want their families to lose them."

Will the Avon Four turn up there?

The ironic thing about life is that no one gets out alive...Huh
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