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Green Street
27-09-2005, 01:58 PM
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Green Street

Anyone see this?

Its sort of fun in a way, but total pants. I couldn't wonder how (possible spoilers here, but its a bit like saying Superman is strong, flies around a bit, and wins in the end):

1) No matter how hard they batter each other, they all get up and run away afterwards. eg 8 (or however many) West Ham fans "attack" 40 or 50 Man Utd fans, some with big sticks, then happily run off when the police arrive?
2) The Major decides he has had enough of getting drunk and brawling, so, with no scars to boast of (or the West Ham tattoo), he goes off to marry an extremely attractive American girl, buy a million pound apartment and drive a 20,000 pound Range Rover.
3) They all seem to be spitting teeth out half the time, but all end up with the perfect smile the next day
4) The "snitcher", being kicked awake by the police after sinking a bottle of vodka, leaps up and sprints away like Ben Johnson (even MY head hurt watching that!)

Anyway, as I said, its enjoyable in a way - its only a movie, and all movies have to take poetic licence with reality for the story and plot after all - its just this one scored in the upper bracket for licence-fees in that respect.

You will say "ouch" more than a couple of times watching this!
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