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Have you changed your view of any of the Love Islanders?
30-08-2006, 11:28 AM
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Have you changed your view of any of the Love Islanders?

Before Love Island started this year and there were rumours that Kate Lawler would be in it I was sure that if she were to be on the show it would ruin the show for me, I couldn't stand her in Big Brother and didn't watch Celebrity Wrestling because she was in it.......I've had a bit of a turn around, I found her entertaining and funny, and I would have quite liked it if she'd won.

Lee on the other hand, before he went in I only knew him from Hollyoaks and that Soap singing competition he did.....I thought I'd like him, but he came across to me as a spoilt, nasty, vindictive big headed waste of space. Thank goodness we don't have to listen to him wailing (sorry, singing) any more.

At the end of last years programme I felt about Paul the way I feel about Lee now, but Paul was better this year and I was quite sad that we went so early.

The dates that Calum went on with Kate and Kellie showed him to be a real gent - I'm glad he won. The way he dealt with Kate being scared and sick on the plane was wonderful.........and on the Church visit with Kellie he was pretty fantastic too.

I didn't know who Leo was before the programme and I'm glad to say that I still don' the end I was fast-forwarding through the bits of aftersun that he was on, I just didn't 'get' him.
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30-08-2006, 11:50 AM (This post was last modified: 30-08-2006 11:56 AM by MariaRob.)
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Have you changed your view of any of the Love Islanders?
I agree about Kate. I didnt think much of her before she went in but I found her funny and entertaining and wish she had been in it from the beginning when I am sure she would have won it. I thought she was a real sport and a good laugh.

I didnt know that much about Sophie apart from her appearance on Im a Celeb when she didnt seem to get that much camera time if my memory servies me correctly and the fact that she was once engaged to Robert Hanson. I thought she did her career no favours at all and just came across as a brattish, spoiled, selfish and totally self absorbed high maintenance b**ch. How anyone could put up with her behaviour is totally beyond me and she does seem rather alone in the world. Did anyone notice that she was absent from the "crowning"? Apparently she stormed out earlier.

Lee I had never heard of as I dont watch Hollyoaks and I hope I never see him again. Spoiled, messy and foul mouthed little t*s*er who looked and acted about 11 years old.

Chris - thought he was a bit annoying at first and a bit fond of himself trading off his (step?) father's name but I ended up really liking him and wanted him to win. He was up for a laugh, game for a laugh and didnt take himself too seriously and was very good entertainment value.

Biancar - pretty enough young girl, not too much personality though and cannot understand why she is using her stepfather's name. Dont know what she will do next.

Callum - nice enough looking, although balding, but is just famous for having a famous father and I dont quite know what he does for a living. Acted petulantly about having to be partnered with Kelly (and also when Leo returned) and did not like not getting his own way. Changed his tune and was nice to her just for the cameras IMO and it worked, the plonker won - asked about the prize money when he was about to be crowned. Did NOT deserve to win.

Brendon - adenoidal and very fussy and took himself SO seriously but in his favour he never told a thing about his affair with Natasha Kaplinkski. He was also very entertaining and tried very hard and he was robbed of the crown IMO,

I would like to see another one next year with Ferne and Patrick but scheduled a little earlier without the news in between.

Oh and Alicia Duval should be taken to a place at dawn and shot.
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30-08-2006, 01:57 PM
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Have you changed your view of any of the Love Islanders?
Bianca : Didnt really know her before but she came across as pleasant enough, if a little sensitive, lazy and permanently open mouthed in an unintelligent kinda wey.

Kelle : One of the few that took on Sophie from time to time but didnt do it enough. Again, Id never really seen her before so cant say if Ive changed my mind about her.

Sophie : God almighty. I simply dont have the words to describe how vile this woman is, but Ill give it a go: Vain, manipulative, no sense of humour, histrionic, deluded beyond belief, up her own ass, affected, a snob, conceited, desperately needy, bitchy, two faced, snide....... I could go on. I actually thought she didnt come across too badly on IACGMOOH but this programme REALLY exposed her and I doubt it has done her any good at all.

Kate : Couldnt stand her on BB but I warmed to her on LI. Still looks like she could do with a damn good bath though.

Colleen : Didnt know her before and cant say I particularly like her.

Alicia Douvall : A hideous waste of oxygen.

Brendan : Almost as conceited as Sophie, deeply unattractive but redeemed himself (for me) when he punched Lee's head in.

Chris : Cheesy as hell but I grew to like him as he laughed at himself frequently and wasnt afraid to apologise.

Calum : The image of his Father when he smiles! I still think he is a charming lounge lizard though.

Lee : Immature, hugely unattractive, whining, whingeing, childlike and incredibly camp. Hate hate hate hate !

Paul : Doesnt look well to me but he had obviously cleaned up his act since last year. Coming back onto LI could have been a disaster but it actually did him a lot of favours. Most of the huge rows he was involved in, actually werent his fault either.

Leo : Oh how vile is he? Smug, superior, sulky, a guy that plays mind games, extremely dislikeable. A bloke whose mouth was always smiling but his eyes werent.

Liking the cut of your jib.........[Image: aniburns.gif]
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01-09-2006, 04:34 PM
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Have you changed your view of any of the Love Islanders?
I still cannot get by the sheer crapness of the contestants. Prime time ITV1. In an age when folks are desperate for publicity. free holiday etc and they end up with that lot. many from last year.

the better programme would have been just how the producers managed to get away with such crap. it really beggars belief.

it could be a great show. it wasnt.

**I heart Northern Soul**
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