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Help! What type of dog is this?
25-08-2005, 06:59 PM
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Help! What type of dog is this?

Not exactly a riddle, but its driving me crazy anyway. I've just looked through 195 dog breed photos, and can't find it.

So all I can do is describe it and ask if anyone knows a dog that looks like this!

I saw it in Belgium last week. Description:
- Large dog, one of the biggest I've seen, but not THE biggest. Just assume large
- Head was large and round, a broad head, had sort of Bernese mountain dog features to the shape. Also sort of Retriever look, had one of those very friendly faces with a broad head.
- looked like a bear! It really did! But it also walked like a bear which I thought was funny and why I want to get one!
- lovely chocolate brown coat, long hair, including on the head. Colour of coat was very consistent, a warm brown all over with no markings. Hair was long all over including around the paws - looked very warm

I looked at a Briard pic, but the head was more like a Bernese.
Not a pyranean as the hair was longer and smoother and a consistent brown, and maybe a tad smaller

Does anyone know a dog that looks like this? I think the thing to stress is how much it looks like a bear and has a gait that also resembles a bear, but definitely a dog.
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25-08-2005, 07:33 PM
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Help! What type of dog is this?
Was it a Newfoundland?

[Image: 200400000978_hs.jpg]


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25-08-2005, 08:00 PM
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Help! What type of dog is this?
Thanks Fee. It was indeed a Newfie. I don't think we recognised it as I think it had a snazzy doggy hair style (fringe - and we suspect a fur dye !!), but when we match all the salon changes to the Newfie...thats it!

Still curious how it had such a long fringe though as the Newfie's head hair seems short - maybe a slightly longer haired Newfie.

This one looks like it though (if you imagine it after a day at the salon).

[Image: nnuff3.jpg]
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