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Hi All - Back from The Broads
20-06-2006, 09:15 PM
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Hi All - Back from The Broads

Got back yesterday after about 5 hours on the road. Why is it so tiring just sitting there? Then had to do the obligatory phoning round to let everyone know we hadn't drowned or got bubonic plague or anything.

As you know, I wasn't all that chuffed about going so my expectations were pretty low and I have to say that it lived down to them Sad

We travelled up to Norfolk on the hottest day of the year (Sunday) and I was so glad that we'd decided to go a day early and stay in the Travelodge close by after our long trip (the in-laws coming from Wales were on the road for 7 hours!). At least we had a chance to recover a bit overnight and could get up early to get some essential supplies to take on board.

We set off at about 3 pm on the Monday in glorious weather and I thought it wasn't going to be too bad. Unfortunately we woke to cloud and rain on Tuesday and patchy showers on Wednesday. It's pretty grim chugging down the river in the rain and not being able to put the roof back or sit outside. It was especially disappointing having spent all the nice weather travelling.

We soon found that the boat was a nightmare - very old and badly in need of a makeover. There was one bench seat in the living area (which would have pulled out to make a double bed if we had 6 on board but as we were only 4 we didn't have to mess about with it). The table was an old drop-leaf gateleg thing that was circa 1960s and much too big for the small space it occupied. It was jammed up against the bench, thus taking up some of the seating area so only room for 3 very good friends on the bench, plus there were 2 little stools Sad Not sure how 6 people would have been able to sit inside on the colder days when it was too windy to sit in the well at the front outside.

The engine was in the middle of the boat and stunk of diesel fumes all through the 2 bedrooms, and the back of the bench seat was obviously not the one intended for the boat because it was too short to fit against the two end blocks so kept falling behind. We moored up at Wroxham which seems to be owned by somebody called "Roy" as in Roy's Clothes Store, Roy's Chemist, Roy's Department Store, Roy's Toys, etc. Well bless Roy is all I can say because at least we were able to get off and pretend that we weren't miserable while the men waited for the engineer to come out and hopefully sort out the smell and the badly fitting bench seat.

The engineer said words to the effect of "they all smell like that, nothing I can do about it" so hubby and his Bruv went to Roy's Hardware Shop (praise be to Roy again) and bought some adhesive foam rubber strips which they stuck round the engine cover and cured it! Then 2 "chippies" turned up with a plank of wood and screwed it behind the backrest which cured that problem!

The shower was a joke because the tray was so shallow that it filled to overflowing before you'd got the water temperature stable enough to get in. To pump it out you had to hold the switch down which was physically impossible as it was outside the shower, so good job my sis in law and I aren't shy because it was a 2-person operation, one pumped out while the other showered.

It's supposed to be relaxing but I kept getting anxious and stressed when other boats seemed to be coming too close or we were trying to moor up without hitting anything

Anyway, I could go on and on with the grumbles so I'll try and pick out something good.

A lovely carvery serving 2 meals for £10, and as much veg as you could eat and all beautifully cooked.

We arranged to meet some old friends of hubby and his brother at Sutton Staith on Saturday. We managed to get moored in a lovely place by a grassy bank near a pub. The weather was gorgeous and with the end nearly in sight we were almost happy until we saw the Wedding Cars turn up at the pub and the deafening music started and went on until 1.15 am, by which time my sis in law (who had a headache) had to be physically restrained from throwing herself overboard.

I will just add (Andrea) that all the people in Norfolk were very friendly and helpful Smile

Lovely weather towards the end of the week. We even found a small bootsale at Stalham on the Sunday before we came home so that was another excuse to get off Smile .

Even the men were bored by the end of it so happily we won't be co-erced into doing it again.

I've decided that I'm too old for "roughing it" and that my minimum requirement for any future holiday with be a proper full size bed and an en-suite bathroom with toilet that doesn't have to be pumped out and in which you don't have to worry about using too much loo roll Smile
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20-06-2006, 10:52 PM
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Hi All - Back from The Broads
Aww, Crit, sorry your holiday didn't go as well as it should have.

I don't know how I'd be on a barge holiday.
I think I'd be jumpy and nervous about other boats/driving the thing/kids jumping in! I'd be shouting at them all the time to sit still:w00t:

As for Wroxham! I had to laugh at you saying it seems to be owned by someone called Roy!:laugh:
He's expanded to a town called North Walsham nearby here.
Although the shop is still called Roys of Wroxham!:blink:

Anyway, nice to see you back here.

[Image: 429.gif]
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20-06-2006, 11:16 PM
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Hi All - Back from The Broads
Thanks Andrea - nice to be back. That Roy gets around doesn't he Wink

Mr C is off on his travels again Wednesday. He's meeting up with his 4 brothers and they're going to France/Belgium on a "baccy run" and then they're heading up for their "boys" weekend in Billericay in Essex. One of the Bruvs owns some woodland up there so they all sit round the camp fire getting bladdered and telling all their old stories. On Sunday they go to the North Weald Air Show and I think he's coming back Monday or Tuesday.

This gives me nearly a week to do as I please. I intend to do as little as possible, have my hair done, maybe a facial, and have some "me" time as I think I need it after that "holiday" Smile
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21-06-2006, 02:02 AM
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Hi All - Back from The Broads
Glad you're back Crit...sorry your trip wasn't that great!!:cry:

I guess I'm Cornish...:unsure:
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21-06-2006, 06:30 AM
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Hi All - Back from The Broads
Welcome back Crit. Sorry your holiday was a bit of a disaster. You'll be laughing about it one day!
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21-06-2006, 07:04 AM
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Hi All - Back from The Broads
oh well, you might not have enjoyed your trip but I enjoyed reading about it!! lol!

We stayed in a houseboat in Wroxham a couple of years back. it was an idylic holiday, messing about in the rowing boat, fishing, wandering round Wroxham etc and the weather was brilliant.

Ah yes Roy's of Wroxham! it was everywhere wasn't it!! we still laugh about Roy's empire now! (actually we have a shop called Roy's in our town, but I'm pretty sure it's not part of THE Roy's!!).

glad to see you back! :good:

... i only came online to visit Delia's site for tips on how to season a frying pan ...
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21-06-2006, 09:21 AM
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Hi All - Back from The Broads
Its good to have you back Crit.

I enjoyed reading about your trip, and although it wasnt good for you - its good for us peeps who were thinking about going for a 'broads' holiday.

I dont think ill bother now :ninja:

I'm not perfect, but im so close it scares me
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21-06-2006, 01:39 PM
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Hi All - Back from The Broads
Ooo I remember 'Roy' - I spent six annual holidays on the trot cruising the broads, between the ages of 10+16, with my dad and brother and occasionally some of his mates...have to say I enjoyed the boating but not always the company (I didn't like some of my brothers friends)...

Wroxham was always a stop off point as was that place begining with L...lowestoft that's it...used to spend money in the arcade there...and Hhhh oh somehwre begining with H that had a really nice pool and gym facility...we snuck into the steam room goodness!

I certainly don't think I will be doing it again at anytime soon...far to interested in seeing the rest of the world, but I do hope there were a few highlights for you even if for the bulk it wasn't the greatest holiday! :wacko:

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21-06-2006, 09:41 PM
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Hi All - Back from The Broads
Haha! Can honestly say the "highlight" for me Coastie was walking through my own front door and sitting on my own beautiful, flushable, clean smelling toilet. I know what that says about me - toilet obsessed grumpy old woman.

Ah well, so be it Smile
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