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Holiday Packing?
12-06-2005, 11:15 PM
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Holiday Packing?

I would like some advice about holiday packing please. In fact I would like a holiday list - lol.

I am going to Spain for 9 days and we are going with a couple who have an apartment there. She says they take one large suitcase and handluggage!

Should I bother with Shampoo and conditioner and stuff like that or just get it when we're there? Can I take my gas curling tongs or will they explode? What about spray deodorant cans etc.

Looking forward to hearing all your "must haves" and tips Smile
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12-06-2005, 11:53 PM
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Holiday Packing?
Well I do have a method, but it's perhaps not the best one to follow Crit!

What I do is lay out all my outfits complete with shoes and jewellery etc making sure that I have one for each day and something to change into in the evening as well, plus undies........ Then I panic and stuff as much of the rest of my wardrobe/shoe/bag collection into the case as I can possibly manage :mellow: Thus I end up with way more than I will ever need all holiday and won't have any room to bring back stuff I buy!

My toiletry bag is huge and fills up even more space as I take everything I think I'll need, in the manner of someone going up the Amazon who will possibly never see shops ever again! Then I buy even more stuff in 'duty free' (cause you have to!) and lug that about in a carrier bag until I get to my destination, at which point I realise that I won't have enough room in my case to get it home again! This does not however stop me buying even more stuff on the way home :wink2:

I usually try to keep the skin stuff down by faithfully decanting it into smaller bottles bought specially from Boots....but I then panic that one surely won't be enough and pack two of everything, thereby negating the reason for decanting in the first place!

Ah well, look on the bright side, you can't do worse than me at least :laugh:

Edit: I forgot to say, you can take your gas powered hair tongs but they need to be in your hand luggage and you cannot take a refill, only the gas that's in it. Aerosols can go in your suitcase as long as you don't have more that 25g of them, or something, you can check with your airline's website though Smile
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13-06-2005, 12:10 AM
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Holiday Packing?
Oh VOR, I did laugh at that - even when just visiting relatives I have my clothes all laid out and do exactly what you said, stuff as much more in as my case will possibly hold whether I need it or not. As we leave the house I seem to go into "I can't be parted from that" mode and keep throwing more and more into my handbag till I can barely carry it Wink

Hubby is usually sitting in the car, engine running, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel and I suddenly appear at the door with 2 carrier bags full of extra shoes and handbags, spare coat under my arm, and then I have to go back because I've forgotten my reading glasses and while I'm there decide that I need the toilet again!! No wonder he curses other drivers a lot. He must be just letting out his pent-up frustration. Smile
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13-06-2005, 08:06 AM
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Holiday Packing?
It's a long time since I have had more than a weekend away Crit but when I did I use to take twice as much as I needed and always brought home half of it unused! But I like to be prepared for all eventualities

As for toiletries I always take my own, I just feel happier with that.....

As for packing I just stick my case in the corner of a room and as I decide I am going to take something I put it in as not to forget it and then the night before I go I take it all out and pack it properly!
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13-06-2005, 08:20 AM
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Holiday Packing?
Crit, as far as toiletries go, if you have special stuff that is difficult to find generally - I buy small plastic bottles and decant enough in to last me for the hols. If it is just general shampoo stuff - buy it out there. And defo buy suncream out there - it is generally cheaper and better, and if it is cheaper then you can always just leave it behind.

And we all know that we always take far too much with us. The older I get the better I become at packing - and can travel relatively light.

If you are there for 9 days - you don't need 9 outfits. You will find that you spend most days in swinsuits and sarongs - these are light and easy to pack. I would honestly only take 4 good outfits [and these can be washed if needed]. I have to say shoes are my downfall - I take far too many, and they are heavy and awkward to carry. But I am getting better, one pair for travelling [trainers or some soft leather slip ons], a pair of flip flops for wandering and day wear and a posh pair for evenings. And if the colours of the shoes are all neutral then they will go with anything.

As far as warmth is concerned - the one neccessity is a Pashmina. Or shawl. This can be rolled up on the plane for a pillow, or slung over your shoulders for warmth whilst travelling. You can use it in the evenings, stylishly flung over your evening clothes, and it is light and easy to carry.

And make sure you buy those t-shirts that can be washed and dried in a knot, or scrunched up. No worries about ironing.

And don't forget to take a large fold up bag - to be used for dirty laundry.

If you are intending on sending postcards - before you go, write everyones address on an envelope and take these with you. Cos when you get there you can buy some postcards, write ALL over the back, and just buy some stamps, pop the postcard in the envelopes, stick the stamps on the envelope and post them. You can almost guarentee they will be home before you - they are treated as 'proper' mail not holiday mail.

Happy Packing and Bon Voyage for Thursday!!Smile

I always cook with wine, and sometimes I actually put it in the food.
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13-06-2005, 08:28 AM
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Holiday Packing?
Regarding shower gel and shampoo and stuff, Crit, you could reduce a bit of luggage weight if you just bought it in Spain. The fa range was widely available when we lived there and it's good stuff - family products, reasonably priced, and nicely smelly. (Ooh - think I'll try and get some here.)
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13-06-2005, 08:35 AM
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Holiday Packing?
Excellent tip re the postcards Flip!

If there's two of you going, take two small cases....pack a mix of your clothes in each ...then if a case goes missing youre not stuck with cross-dressing till they reunite you with the missing case. Its also easier not having to lug one heavy case to and from wherever youre going.

Spain is cheap for shampoo/shower gel etc if you go for the local brands. Oh Dab, Fa, decent stuff indeed, I especially like their anti perspirant/deodorants and conditioners, they do smell nice too!

Above all, have fun whilst you are there!!!

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13-06-2005, 09:00 AM
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Holiday Packing?
Oooh thanks everyone, some excellent tips here and a good laugh too (cross-dressing - lol). Any more?
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13-06-2005, 09:59 AM
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Holiday Packing?
I'm getting better at packing.

When we went away recently I actually used up all my clothes.
I took a couple of crop trousers, a couple of long trousers and loads of different tops. One pair of boots and a pair of trainers and that was about it.

Toiletries I do as everyone else does and take small bottles.

The week before the holiday, as I washed stuff I wanted to take, I put them away in the back bedroom.
Consequently, that week we were all wearing clothes that we never usually wear, looked a right scruffy bunch we did:w00t:

and Flip, thats a brilliant tip on the postcards:thumbsup:

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13-06-2005, 10:09 AM
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Holiday Packing?
Blimey :unsure:

I usually throw it together just before I leave with the one proviso that if it won't go in the overhead locker, it stays at home. I wear the 'warm' stuff, and once went on holiday in my riding gear.

As for postcards, yikes, that would mean first finding the Christmas Card list :ninja:

My suggestion though is to make sure you have sufficient quantities of your proprietary medicine to hand (in recognisable original packing to minimise the risk of the *snap* of a rubber glove if you are heading off the beaten track :laugh: )


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