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Holiday Showdown
09-06-2005, 03:37 PM
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Holiday Showdown

Did anyone see this last night? Seems to be becoming like Wife Swap, very amusing for the first series but now really contrived with opposite families who are obviously not going to get on and swearing and showing off in front of the camera.
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09-06-2005, 05:57 PM
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Holiday Showdown
I watched the end of this Maria-Rob and have to say that it does get a bit tedious. As you say it is like Wife-swap, they get two families from the most extreme opposite backgrounds you can imagine. The Webb-Harris's had to laugh at the double-barrelled name, I thought that sort of thing was destined for middle to upper class and let me assure you the Webb-Harris were neither, they were as common as muck!! The fact that they think to be a real man you have to get rat-ar$ed really summed them up, and I felt so sorry for their kids as they were dragged around the pubs of Tenerife at 1'o'clock in the morning so that they could indulge in more alcohol. They were rude, foul-mouthed and just horrible, horrible people.

I have to say that I would have chosen the holiday in the Lake District over a holiday in Tenerife anyday and I think it would have been fun to sleep in the wee bothy that the Webb-Harris's shreiked and threw all the toys out of the pram over. They were just pathetic and who ever heard of an asthmatic lifeguard who was scared of water!!! :w00t:

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09-06-2005, 07:31 PM
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Holiday Showdown
The Lake District was absolutely stunning wasnt it?

The Tenerife family were ghastly, common, loud and obviously surprised that there was ANYTHING north of Watford, BUT I thought the Lake District Family's younger son was vile. Attention seeking and showing off permanently to the camera. I nearly wet myself when, as he walked off, effing and blinding with his uncool clothes and hair, one of the Tenerife family said, "yeh see ya Roy Cropper....." Lol

Liking the cut of your jib.........[Image: aniburns.gif]
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