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I am a huge fan of True Blood
19-07-2011, 01:19 AM
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I am a huge fan of True Blood

I am a huge fan of the True Blood DVD HBO series. I LOVED the Sookie/Eric stuff. They have two steamy kisses (one real and one in a dream). Gossip Girl DVD I love that he enjoys baiting her and I love that he'd like to care less about her but can't. Eric was inserted in slowly, but perfectly, as the third point of the love triangle and you really see that this is going to be a triangle this season. Weeds DVD I liked how they handled Bill's fall from grace compared to the books. On TV it was treated as too much badness from him all at once and Sookie having enough. The L Word DVD Although I still don't get what Sookie was so mad about - he didn't know her when he agreed to spy on her and stopped spying when he fell for her. The Simpsons DVD All in all, I'm glad the divided up the story into parts because I can fast forward the parts I find dull without taking from the stuff I enjoy.
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