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Mel C - I Want Candy - Review
13-05-2008, 02:37 PM
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Mel C - I Want Candy - Review

A song impossible to ruin - ruined.

There are a number of songs that are just impossible not to enjoy. "Good Vibrations" is a perfect example. "Bohemian Rhapsody" is another. "I Want Candy", with its infectious chorus and toe-tapping, Bo Diddly beat - yup, that's one too. With that in mind, its no wonder that its been covered more than once - an almost guaranteed hit, and an almost guaranteed enjoyable rendition.

Until now.

For "Miss Credibility" Melanie C, this was surely a way to get back into the top ten after years in the pop wilderness, after increasingly ignored singles and (self funded - the shame!) albums. The soundtrack to the recent Brit-flick of the same name, it only reinforced the following:

1. Mel C has one of the flattest, most boring voices in pop music.

2. Mel C cannot do sexy. She's wearing a catsuit, she's rolling around on the floor and talking about how hot another girl is - and its about as alluring as waking up next to a dead tramp.

3. Mel C needs the Spice Girls reunion - stat.

So guess what happened? The single stiffed, the follow up single barely scratched the top 50 and the album sunk without a trace. And after YEARS of saying she would never go back to the Spice Girls and she was a credible solo artist yada yada - she bounces back with her equally unsuccessful Spices for a shameless, pointless reunion tour.

Surely "I Want Money" is more fitting?

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