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Misinterpretation and email
13-09-2005, 07:53 PM
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Misinterpretation and email

I had two experiences today where there was quite a gap between the message I thought I was sending and the message received. In one scenario, a colleague and friend thought I was insulting him when I thought I was offering support. The second scenario I thought I was arranging time off work to attend a hospital appointment/check up and a work colleague thought I was saying I had a sexually transmitted disease!!

Theres an element of humour in these but also people take offence, pick up a very wrong message, get hurt etc when that is not the intention. I tend to write emails quickly so dont always think about how they will be interpreted. And, of course, the email is only one form of expression of the person - all the body language, mannerisms, tone of voice are missing bits of information.

I am sure we have talked about this before, the use of smilies I remember was a suggestion that came my way.

How do we get a more accurate message across?
Are we quick to take offence? Accuse?

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13-09-2005, 07:58 PM
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Misinterpretation and email
I have had some right ding dongs with my friend Blondie on email, usually because we have taken something the wrong way - often it is the tone and attitude in how you "deliver" your words that stops others getting the "hump", on email its very black and white - no humour or empathy...........

thats why its good on here to use the smilies - that way, when I am being a sarkie mare the laughing smilie shows I am joking and not being serious :laugh:

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13-09-2005, 08:25 PM
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Misinterpretation and email
I've one or two experiences with this on e-mailing someone who I know as an aquaintance. I have a very dry wit and humor which my close friends and family get but others have been unsure. So I try to keep this in mind but it is hard b/c I'm hardwired to be cheeky. Blush

I guess I'm Cornish...:unsure:
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14-09-2005, 08:39 AM
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Misinterpretation and email
Its easy to do. I wrote to my best friend once with advice about her new beau, and she thought i was completely slagging him and got the right hump with me. I wasnt - and i only gave advice because she asked for it. I kept my thoughts to myself after that. She obviously read my words with a scowl on her face, whereas i had written them with a cheeky grin - and it didnt translate very well.

I dont know if i have ever offended anyone on here due to non use of smilies .... and if i have, please accept my humblist apologies :unsure:

I'm not perfect, but im so close it scares me
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