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05-08-2007, 04:09 PM
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Griff Rhys Jones explores Britains mountains. Last weeek he was in Scotland and I thought he did rather well climbing up there in that thickness of snow. Takes me all my time in the middle of summer to walk up something like that.

This week he is in the Lakes. It`s on Sunday 9pm BBC1 if anyone is interested. It`s well worth the watch just for the fantastic views
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06-08-2007, 10:37 AM
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Am set to watch all of these. Not so much because I like GRJ but the camerawork enspires me to get out there again. Watched the Scottish one and fell in love with Sutherland. I Will be going there for a trip for sure.

Watched the laks one last night and reminsed about my trips up there both as a child and doing the hills etc.

Imust say though that the Lake district HAS to be seen from the TOP of the hills and not from a car park or lake.

Next one is the Central highlands. Not so sure on this one. Ben Nevis, Glen Coe and the Cally. Seeing as I raced up the Nevis in under 2½ and hrs and have paddled the length of the Cally from Fort William to Inverness several times as a canoeing instructor I think I may get a bit frustrated with his waffle.

As for featuring a bleedin' TV location....(Monarch, Missionary & Mrs Brown)... well that's just self indulgence on behalf of TV folk.

There are many other great location but we will no doubt see... WHo knows, they may suprise us.

The ironic thing about life is that no one gets out alive...Huh
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