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Movie and Music Download Sites
15-05-2006, 02:29 PM
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Movie and Music Download Sites

These are all basically a con, but I was looking at the depth they have monopolised the net with today, they're clever.

Bottom line, all these sites take your money and redirect you to sites you can get for free anyway. The only legit ones are where you pay a fee per download like the 99p lost episodes or Itunes type.

eg Etomipro. Its basically re-badged limewire, which is free, but they charge for the Etomi badge.

If you look into the movie download sites, you find a lot of "dont buy a movie site till you read this..", and there is one called onlinereviews or something liek that, where the reviews are set up to look independant and give a top 5, but all 5 are owned by the "independant review site". They will offer fees of something like $20 for a gazzillion movies, then redirect you to limewire and torrent sites which are just peer-to-peer again - all accessible and free without the paysite that sends you there.

I tried googling "onlinereviewboard" with con, scam, and all the other words liek that, but they cover themselves by giving themselves top listing as protecting against scams, cons etc, so none of the genuine DONT DO THIS sites make it to the top 50 results as all the top results are their own sites. eg, look at onlinereviewboard which says "money back guarantee" against all the sites they recommend, then read the terms and conditions of some of those sites (not all have ready accessto the terms and conditions as they try to make them look different), and nowhere will you see a money back guarantee. Intead it is all the standard legal blah blahbout peer-to-peer stuff.

ok, so you go peer-to-peer, and the music downloads are pretty good, but the movie stuff takes forever and is usually corrupted somehow. Plus you get bombarded by porn at every turn. I have 100Mps and downloaded 6 lost episodes pretty quickly off limewire (free), and all were corrupted in different ways. Mislabelled (labelled Ep 12 Series 2 but you get Ep 1 Series 1), or very jerky, or the screen just freezes early on and carries on with sound only.

The peer-to-peer sites are increasingly corrupted by the music and video industry so that what you download is unuseable. Then, like me, you revert back to buying hte DVDs or downloading the genuine articles for a fee per download.

Its a war out there in the ether!
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