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My mobile phone was leaking money!!!
06-05-2006, 10:40 AM
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My mobile phone was leaking money!!!

Just over a year ago I bought a flashy new mobile phone. There was nothing wrong with my little Nokia 8210 but everyone seemed to have flip tops and camera phones so I bought a Motorola V300. It cost £150 and then promptly went down to £79 on a special promotion Sad

I'm only on Pay as You Go with T-mobile because I hardly ever use it anyway. I just like to have it in the car for emergencies and .. well, it's just handy to have.

During last year I bought a lead to connect it to the PC (to upload photos etc. - you know, handy if you never use it!). I played about with it a couple of times and I downloaded a couple of "free" ringtones - big mistake!!

I kept getting these Text messages about downloading wallpaper and ringtones, etc. but I used to just delete them and assumed that as I wasn't downloading anything I wasn't paying. WRONG!!!

I did notice that my top ups didn't last very long but as it's T-Mobile and not cheap I just assumed that the few calls I did make were costing a lot. Plus, not using it much I could never really remember how much I'd had on there.

The other day I dug it out and decided to try that Pepsi-Max text thing that Andrea mentioned (win an Xbox thingy). I put £20 on it and spent £5 on texts but didn't get anything :cry: However, I did check my balance afterwards and it said £12.95. 2 days later I hadn't used it but checked the balance again and it said £9.95. So where had £3 gone?

I then found the T-Mobile website and registered online. It gave me a whole breakdown of calls and the costs. There were all the 25p ones to Pepsi Max but also a whole load of £1.50's to a number I didn't recognise!!

I phoned T-Mobile's helpline (on my landline phone) and a very nice lady on there said that I had unwittingly "subscribed" to a service that was charging me £1.50 sometimes once or twice a week for those text messages that I'd just been deleting!!

She very kindly told me to text Stop to 84546 (but then she did it herself for me) and also gave me another number that I could call from my home phone if it happened again.

She also put me on a different price plan for occasional users which should save me even more money.

I'm so angry that my phone has been leaking money all this time and I didn't realise. How stupid am I?

I bet you all knew this (about the texts as well as me being stupid Blush )

Well, just in case there is anyone out there who is as clueless about these things as me, be warned. I wish I'd stuck to my simple little Nokia.
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06-05-2006, 01:31 PM
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My mobile phone was leaking money!!!
Critique Wrote:I'm so angry that my phone has been leaking money all this time and I didn't realise. How stupid am I?

you're not stupid at all crit! and your certainly not on your own at being caught out like this. I know of people who have subscribed to ring tones and been stung too. They advertise these numbers on tv or magazines and any small print is non-existent or very hard to unscramble.

... i only came online to visit Delia's site for tips on how to season a frying pan ...
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06-05-2006, 04:32 PM
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My mobile phone was leaking money!!!
I agree. Mobiles are driving me nuts.

Now I get my Japanese mobile that has a 588 page manual, and the simple arts of sending messages and making phone calls seem to have been lost.

All I want is to send sms messages and make calls, but it doesn't do sms any more, its now internet and only other docomo phones or computer. And it can read bar codes (?), take photos (I've got a camera for that and the photos are much better), has some sort of disney channel, and does a million other things I dont want it to do. Just the process of getting an email on it and trying to save the sender takes about a hundred menu options.

Business opportunity: Retro phones. Make and receive phone calls on this mobile without complication.
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06-05-2006, 04:36 PM
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My mobile phone was leaking money!!!
Sounds terrible Crit. I am Pay as you go but I must admit to always keeping an eye on my credit. My brother got caught up with the same sort of thing as you and just didn`t realise.
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06-05-2006, 05:29 PM
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My mobile phone was leaking money!!!
We are on a monthly plan with roll-over minutes...a package deal really b/c we have the land line, 3 cells, and the broadband internet. Msboy had to take his text messaging off a few months back b/c he had a package of 1000, yes that is a THOUSAND texts a MONTH for $9.99 American...not much really, BUT he goes OVER his limit by 1114, that would be that he made 2114 in a 30 day billing period. What I can't figure out is when in the Hell he had time to do all that texting and not have carpal tunnel. It cost HIM $55.00 American b/c hubby and I were NOT paying it, he's got a job and he screwed up.!! I've had a cell phone 8-10 years and maybe have texted 10X during all those years!!:ohmy: So, for that time Crit, my phones were leaking $$$$$ as well.

I guess I'm Cornish...:unsure:
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