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Not Only But Always....
31-12-2004, 12:23 PM
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Not Only But Always....

Did anyone watch this last night? It was a biopic of Pete and Dud.

I enjoyed it. I recently read Peter Cook's biography and he came across as a bitter, cynical, jealous bitch - which is exactly how he came across on the tv programme!!

People often cite the genius of Peter Cook - and it's true he was very very funny, but genius? I don't see it myself. I would imagine in real life he would be an absolute drain on anyone's emotions and sanity.

I've never read an biography of Dudley Moore - but I might now - but he came across not too badly at all. In fact he came across as a saint for putting up with Pete's erratic mood swings.

Although Pete was the one who crossed the boundaries of decency with more relish than Dud, I, for one, think that had a lot to do with his upper class up bringing as opposed to Dud's working class up bringing. The Upper Classes have always had it easy when it comes to not conforming or worrying what others think so I personally think that Dud had a lot further to come from the offset in that respect.

Pete often seemed cruel and pompous towards Dudley - a bit of a *******!

I thought it was very interesting programme and the guy who played Pete was excellent.

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04-01-2005, 05:19 PM
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Not Only But Always....
It was a superb programme, I agree Dol.

Cook has always been described as a nasty, vicious tongued bitch but to be honest, Dudley Moore shouldve nipped that sort of behaviour in the bud. Is anyone as viciously vindictive and vile to you or me, Dol? Probably not, as theyd get a smack in the mouth. People like Peter Cook get/got away with such behaviour because others allowed them to.

He was a funny/flawed man, but genius? No, sorry I wouldnt say a genius.

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