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Parking Tickets
04-08-2006, 06:20 PM
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Parking Tickets

Yes, I've got another one :angry: I only had 2 wheels off the yellow lines. I know if you're half and half they don't bother but I pulled up outside with a load of shopping, came in and put it in the freezer and fridge and didn't go and move it.

Does anyone know if it's true that if you ask for it to be dealt with by the Court they don't bother? I don't suppose it works, they'll probably call my bluff and I'll incur extra expense. I suppose it's worth a try if you've got a really good excuse. Any ideas?

I suppose in the end I'll have to part with £30. :wallbash:
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04-08-2006, 06:36 PM
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Parking Tickets
So this happened outside your house :shocking: Blimey - im glad we dont have yellow lines near my house cos i would get a parking ticket daily. My parking is appauling.

I dont know what to suggest. My boss appeals for every ticket he gets ... and he gets away with them all. But they are mainly pay and display tickets.

He got away with one the other day. He parked, paid, and put the sticker on the windscreen. He had gone over the allotted time - but the ticket had fallen off the window. Luckily for him it was the hottest day of the year, so he wrote to the council asking if anyone had ever done any tests on the 'stickiness' of the tickets when the window is boiling hot. They hadnt of course so he got away with it.

I'm not perfect, but im so close it scares me
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04-08-2006, 07:57 PM
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Parking Tickets
Critique Wrote:Does anyone know if it's true that if you ask for it to be dealt with by the Court they don't bother?
Not true I'm afraid, they will bother.

Your best bet is to write a very stroppy letter to them making up a whopping great fib that you

a) weren't parked there at all
b) you were suffering from chronic diarrhoea and had to stop the car suddenly to avoid an accident
c) you realised you had left the gas on and dashed home to switch it off before the house exploded.


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04-08-2006, 08:59 PM
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Parking Tickets
:w00t: Thanks for the ideas and suggestions girls. Looks like I'll have to pay up and look big though. Although, how's this for a technicality.

It says on the ticket from 10.38 to 10.43. Now if it was 10.38 and 30 seconds ( the seconds aren't shown) til 10.43 exactly then I wasn't, in theory, on the yellow lines for the statutory 5 minutes Smile. Naah, probably not good enough.

There's a book you can buy written by an ex cop with all the ways of beating parking and other offences. Wish I had it now. I know I've done the crime so shouldn't moan but what does annoy me is that people park on those yellow lines all day sometimes and get away with it.

They're there because we're on a main road and there's a side street so it's to stop people parking on the corner and obstructing the view. The lines stop practically outside our house. When Mr. C is parked outside I can drive right up to his bumper (you should see people's faces when I "nudge" it sometimes Big Grin) and clear the lines but there was a different car there so I had to leave him a bit of space to get out Sad

I hate this road. I've just had my 5th new wing mirror fitted and I'll be lucky if it's still on in the morning. Friday night entertainment for the drunken yobs is to walk down the road kicking them off.
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04-08-2006, 09:10 PM
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Parking Tickets
Write to the Chief Constable - or even better phone - and say you are furious because you had explained that you were just dropping your shopping off before moving your car, and how dare you get given a ticket when you were back within five minutes. Poor old pensioner like you etc etc.

I got off one once that way when I was collecting something from a shop (minus the pensioner bit)

My uncle told me to do it - he said when he was CC, he'd just tell them to scrub the fine because he couldn't be @rsed to deal with them.:w00t:


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