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Photoshop Fakery
26-05-2008, 03:04 PM
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Photoshop Fakery

In the wake of an award-winning photograph of antelopes cavorting near China's high speed railway being exposed as a fake, we offer you a choice selection of some more famous Photoshop fakery.

Some fakes are subtle, others far from it. Many of us will remember the supposed demonic face in the clouds over the collapsing World Trade Centre tower. Some will recall receiving chain emails of outraged protest over the cruel practice of growing 'bonsai kittens'. But how many of us were genuinely taken in by the pictures?

Cast your eye over this gallery of Photoshopped frauds and decide whether they could have convinced you or not.

[Image: 24DB63AD1FF33C63E3CA8BF8804FB7.jpg]#

The story that grew up around this Photoshopped picture of 'Snowball' the giant cat was that her parents had been inadvertently exposed to nuclear radiation.

The cat's name, in fact, is Jumper. Jumper's owner, Canadian man Cordell Hauglie, doctored the photograph as a joke for his daughter's friend.

[Image: 7DE7DD687E3E22DA84D2F56EF576A3.jpg]

This award-winning photograph of Tibetan antelope running near China's high speed railway was exposed as a composite of images: the antelopes were digitally added into the picture.

It was produced by a wildlife photographer who had been tasked with taking pictures of the £2 billion Qinghai-Xizang railway. Environmentalists had been attacking the railway for threatening the breeding grounds of local wildlife.

[Image: 87DE76698F33D6554573F18A82B5.jpg]

Another contest entry which was circulated as a genuine photograph, this picture by digital artist Cj is composed of a photograph of a fox convincingly added into a shot of a pack of dogs.

[Image: D7A5E512D28D31B5E5EB24F8B24AC2.jpg]

You may remember this one as a widespread chain email from a few years back, asking you to help put a stop to the outrageous Japanese practice of bonsai kitten cultivation.

It was no surprise to the more cynical among us that the pictures in these emails were faked. The bonsai kitten turned out to be a hoax devised by some MIT graduate students.

[Image: EFE055F2C260B4CD472CA2B21464B7.jpg]

It might only convince you if you squint, but this picture did the chain email rounds as a genuine, miraculous snapshot.

It later became clear that the creator of the image, which was originally produced for, had not intended for it to be taken seriously.

Taken From MSN Online
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