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Public Transport
26-08-2005, 06:15 AM
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Public Transport

I have just heard a report on our local news [so am not sure if this is a countrywide trend] but it said that passenger numbers have slumped by 25% in the last 10 years. Car useage has increased by 15%.

Do you use public transport? Could you live without a car? Would you ever consider giving up your car and using Shank's Pony or public transport?

What do you think local councils should be doing to encourage the use of public transpost? And do you think buying or owning a car is made 'too easy/cheap'?

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26-08-2005, 07:49 AM (This post was last modified: 26-08-2005 07:51 AM by Dolores.)
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Public Transport
Well I don't have a car. i live and work on a small peninsula and cycle everywhere I need to go, otherwise I get a lift, use the bus or catch a train.

Regarding the slump in passenger numbers, quite frankly I'm not surprised as, for example, in our town the bus service is crap! Not in the frequency of buses that go where they go, if you see what I mean, cos that is actually not bad at all.

But for instance there is no bus route to the local Asdas, no bus route to the local Museum, no bus route to any of the big industrial estates you know the ones with B&Q, Curry's etc on. How on earth can people like me get there, unless they get a lift or get a taxi?

In our town 35% of households don't have a car (which I actually think is quite high), so you would think getting busses that go somewhere you want to go to would be quite high on the list! But No! they are thinking of reducing the services! obviously those who work for public transport never ever use it!

I'm sure of the other 65% that most households have two cars as there is always traffic on the roads and it is increasingly difficult to get off the peninsula cos of the terrible road infrastructures in place.

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26-08-2005, 08:14 AM
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Public Transport
In Edinburgh, we do have a very good transport system. In fact I would say that there are probably too many buses on the road. We had a strike a few weeks ago where the buses ran a limited service and it was so much better, the roads were quieter, the buses were fuller and there weren't 3 buses going to the same destination lined up after each other.

My main gripe with the transport in Edinburgh is the cost! For me to take a 15 minute journey up town it will cost me £2.00 return. However if I wanted to take the bus to visit my mother in law, who lives 15 miles away it would cost be £2.00 return. If we all wanted to go up town on a Saturday it would therefore cost us a family - £5.00. We take the car as we can park it in one of the side streets in the New Town as it is free and if we were to go during the week when you pay for parking there, it would be cheaper for us just to park the car in the multi-storey.

There are plans to have a tram system in Edinburgh but again unless they can make it cost-effective people will still use their cars.

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26-08-2005, 09:22 AM (This post was last modified: 26-08-2005 09:26 AM by Slipper.)
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Public Transport
Oph and I have two cars (A Land Rover and a Merc sports)...We live in inner London (zone 2) and use public transport to commute to work.....Because of my job my commute is 1 hour 45 mins!!....It's do-able and driving is only 20mins less but then I have the hassle of having the car when theres a beer after work or you fancy meeting someone in town.


We are selling both cars in the very near future and will see how we get on with this... which is a pay as you go scheme. They have a car located 200-300 yards from home and it includes fuel (up to 30miles free then 19p/mile)

When you weigh up the cost of
Road Fund Tax
Parking Permits
Congestion Charge (which niether of us have ever used)

For doing the kind of shops where you 'need a car' like satans living-room IKEA or the trips to the dump etc...It's more than adequate. If we need anything for longer or bigger we'll's going to be cheaper!!!

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26-08-2005, 09:36 AM
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Public Transport
I can and do live without a car. Being only 19 it's not really that much of a feat, but I was at a party the other day of about 25 people and I was the only person there not to drive.

My parents have offered to pay for lessons - to force me to get my license more than anything else - but I just think that living in London and now going to uni in Leeds, it's a little pointless. And also, if I could drive, I'd drive the short distances that I usually walk, therefore depriving myself of the clean goodness of London's air.

You get the idea.

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26-08-2005, 01:48 PM
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Public Transport
Most busses I see are nigh on empty. tube travel is revolting. trains are filthy and run on a shoe-string. who in their right mind would not want to use the car?

Find a way to run cars on a non petrol basis and scrap public transport as it is c-rap and has no future

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26-08-2005, 02:51 PM
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Public Transport
I live about 45 mins outside Dublin, but work in the city, and altho' I have a car I am waaay too sleepy in the morning to drive to work.I usually catch a bus 3 days a week..and drive 2 days a week.(coz I have football practice those 2 days)
I honestly could not fault the bus at all.It's a nice scenic's good value...the coach is comfy.My regular driver is one of the nicest men EVER! And i can sleep/chat/read listen to the radio on the journey to and from work.
It only has about 2 pick up stops before Dublin so it's fairly handy at getting around.Dublin traffic is a nightmare tho'.I can travel in to the city quicker than most people can cross it on their city bus routes.I hear the new LUAS system is quite efficient..but I've only ever been on it a few times in non rush hour traffic.It was grand.

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26-08-2005, 04:19 PM
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Public Transport
I rarely use a bus for the following reasons
  • It costs too much - over a quid for a single journey.
  • I usually carry heavy a heavy bag back and fore to work (marking etc) and it's a bit of a hike to the bus stops at either end.
  • I can drive to work in around 10 minutes and the bus takes arounf half an hour!

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26-08-2005, 04:35 PM
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Public Transport
We have to use two vehicles as although we work nearby one another Mr M leaves for work at 5.45am and returns at 5.45 pm and I leave at 7.45am and return at 3pm. If we used one vehicle we would use more petrol as I would have to do 6 journeys a day as opposed to the 4 between us that we do now.

There are no buses going on his route at that time in the morning. I have to go to Tesco every day as part of my job and I often have 8-10 carrier bags full of shopping impossible on public transport.
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26-08-2005, 04:57 PM
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Public Transport
I couldn't live without my car. I just love driving, end of story.

But I get the train every weekday into Glasgow and back to go to uni (too much traffic on the M8 in the morning and a free parking space in the city centre of Glasgow is as rare as hens' teeth)
However, the train company my trains are with (Scotrail) is so expensive (the price seems to go up every month) and sometimes extremely unreliable that I don't blame more people for using their cars!

Edited to say that if I get the bus into Glasgow in the mornings, it takes an hour and a half compared with half an hour by train so the bus is not an option!

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