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Quotes Of The Week
16-08-2005, 02:34 PM
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Quotes Of The Week

Quotes Of The Week
Shamefully nicked off the MSN website...

"That's me joining in." Kinga farts along to Eugene's tone deaf rendition of Tainted Love.

"Can I put make-up on you Eugene?" Perhaps Kinga should learn to put her own make-up on properly first.

"That lad is a handful." If anyone can say that about Craig, it's Anthony.

"I'm going to be the last one out." No Makosi, you're not.

"What I go for, I sometimes always get." Yes Makosi, but you 'always always' talk rubbish.

Eugene: "Morally it's the wrong decision."
Kinga: "I would've done it!" Kinga confirms Eugene's worst suspicions.

"I feel like a big rubber ring stuck around a car wheel - 'tired'." This is why Eugene deserved to win more than Anthony.

"It's amazing the amount of fun you can have with a television set and a tyre." Eugene is a laugh a minute.

Davina: "What did you learn about yourself?"
Anthony: "Not that much." I wouldn't have thought there was that much to learn...
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16-08-2005, 02:53 PM
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Quotes Of The Week
And from the same source..... :naughty:

' Wrote:No Anthony It's Not 'Alreet!'

As you are no doubt already aware, the winner of this year's Big Brother is Anthony Hutton.

That's Anthony, the 'nice lad' with the comedy beard; the 70s dancing, prancing mummy's boy who's definitely not gay; the easy option, whose sole contribution to the house was to say "Alreet!", "Mint!" and "Ding Dong!" one hell of a lot.

In truth, Anthony's success was down, not to himself, but to much-maligned blubbery blubberer Craig Coates. Indeed, had Anthony not been drawn into Craig's bunny-boiling pot of unrequited love, he may never even have made it to the final. Love him or loathe him, Big Brother 2005 was more about the camp hairdresser than anyone else; it may as well have been subtitled 'Craig Coates: My Struggle'.

Certainly, once the 'characters' had been picked off (Lesley, Maxwell, Science, Kemal), it became a one-man show, with the remaining housemates no more than mere bit players; satellites orbiting around Craig and his ever-changing moods. In many ways it was he, and not poor deluded Anthony, who deserved to win.

Well done to ubergeek Eugene for bucking the trend of 'new' housemates being voted out early, and well done too for taking the £50,000. The distraught look on Anthony's face when he realised that Eugene had just halved 'his' winnings was surely one of the highlights of the entire series. The cruel irony is that, had Eugene answered 'no', he may well have walked away with £200,000 on Friday night. But wouldn't we all have done the same under the circumstances?

Even Anthony, after all his imbecilic crowing that "he who dares wins", eventually admitted in the diary room that he would have taken the money, having initially failed to understand what had just taken place (presumably because Craig was no longer there to spell it out to him). I wonder why Davina didn't press him on this when, during his interminable interview, he again claimed he wouldn't have taken the money? She certainly gave Makosi a hard enough time of it, playing up to the baying mob as they chanted "LIAR" and "OFF! OFF! OFF! OFF!" as if they'd just been drafted in from the Jerry Springer Show.

Fair enough, Makosi may not have been 'nice', but at least she made for entertaining viewing. What many viewers still haven't grasped about Big Brother is that it's up to them to make it as watchable as possible for as long as possible. Which is why it always puzzles me when the most interesting, nasty and controversial housemates are voted out in favour of the dullest.

Take Lesley, a brassy, chicken nugget-hoarding bully, evicted in favour of pointless Vanessa in week two. And Old Testament prophet Science (to my mind BB6's true winner), voted out instead of Orlaith, that empty-headed whinger with the pneumatic nipples who also - astonishingly - saw off early favourite Kemal in week ten. It seems the public just can't love an oddball and, as a result, banality and normality have won the day again (last year's winner, Nadia, was the exception that proved the rule). I will console myself with the sure knowledge that, like that other undeserving BB winner, Kate Lawler, Anthony will be consigned to the pits of reality hell forever. Perhaps he should sign up for new series 'Celebrity Shark Bait'. Now that would be entertaining.
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