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Saturday, 25th November 06 Show
25-11-2006, 11:26 PM (This post was last modified: 26-11-2006 12:22 AM by Pandora.)
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Saturday, 25th November 06 Show

We start with a little interview back in the hotel with Scott Henshall who appears to be shocked that he was voted out - assuming out loud that it must have been the "old, bored housewives in Bradford" that had voted to keep Lauren in the jungle; presumably Scott's huge ego prevents him from realising that nobody likes an uppity, backstabbing little bitchh who doesnt even bother to attempt bush tucker trials, let alone design crap backless and frontless dresses that only come in a size 0.

Phina and Faith are sleeping in the tree house (of hohrrrrorrrrrrr, as I keep thinking of it, a la The Simpsons). Phina is busy bitching about David Gest's face, musing whether or not he has had chemical peels or plastic surgery that has gone wrong. "L.A. is absolutely full of people like that" says Phina emphatically, also making the point that everyone in LA is botoxed and lifted to buggery in order to appear beautiful, (which is presumably why Phina was forced to leave).....:sleep:
Strangely enough, Faith, who seems to be no stranger to the odd bit of filler and botox herself, is sniggering along with Phina re David's face.

Meanwhile back in camp, new leader David reads out an instruction that three people are to be chosen to do the next Bush Tucker trial, 'Jungle Falls'. He chooses Phina, Lauren (cos she hasnt done one) and Jason. Dean suddenly asks Jason if he can take his place. Jason doesnt seem keen to swap and leaves it to David. A decision is made and The Gaffney is going to do the trial with the girls.
Malandra is seen tittering to camera that Dean "thinks he is the next James Bond....." . Indeed, the way The Gaffney keeps preening in the mirror and admiring himself makes me wonder if its a magic one, cos the reflection he sees sure aint the one we at home are having to look at.... :unsure:

Anyhooooooo, the Jungle Falls trial is one where each member of the team of three have to do a bungee jump, 150ft up, from a platform. Beneath them on the ground are three large stars. They are each given a small balloon full of yellow paint and on the way down, during the jump, they are to throw the balloon, and if it hits, then two meals are won. Between the three of them they could win twelve meals.

Phina is first to go. She is obviously "in the zone". Sorry to use that cliche but she so was ! She didnt utter a word on the way up, just looked stoically ahead, concentrating hard. The safety guys on the platform with her were giving her instructions etc but she still never spoke, just stood on the edge and when they gave her a push, she just did it ! And hit the first star spot on.

It was then the Gaffney's turn and he was, Im afraid, the opposite of Phina. Now, please dont get me wrong, I could no more bungee jump than fly to the moon, but Im afraid The Gaffney's squeaks of fear gave me the sniggers again. On the way up we had, "ohmigod, Im shakin" and "oh god oh god oh god look how high up we are ...." with a smattering of "please keep me safe, oh god, sheeeeet, oh god.... Im so dizzy, Im so scared....." You get the drift, lol......... saying all that, he didnt falter, he went on the first push - although his face (there was a camera attached to their safety helmets) had to be seen to be believed. He hit his star target as well.

Lauren went next. She is very scared of heights but handled it well on the way up. She bungee jumped and hit her target too, making it six meals won.

Lauren then went up again ( I thought this a bit odd as she wasnt given a breather ) and as she came down she says she blacked out briefly through fear. She just missed her target as she threw her balloon and then, when untied from the bungee rope, went back over to where the others were standing but had to sit on the floor and then later had to go under the trees into the shade, where Bob the Medic gave her oxygen and advice to go back to camp slowly when the time came to leave.

Phina then had her turn and missed her target (more about this later).
Dean also went back up, full of fear and squeaking like fool again, but he did the jump but missed his target.
So, six meals for camp were won in total.

When going back to camp, Lauren had to ask them to slow down as she had been told to take it easy on the way back, but the plea was seeming to fall on deaf ears as Dean and Phina couldnt wait to get back to camp.

Everyone was thrilled they'd got six meals and listened as they told their bush tucker trial tale (try saying that fast). However, later on, Phina was up in the tree house telling (was it Faith? or Jan?), that she blamed Lauren for making her fail her second bungee jump, because Lauren "was making so much fuss about feeling faint, having to have oxygen etc and making a big thing about collapsing, she put me right off my jump. I couldnt concentrate as she was making such a fuss. I think she was putting it on. Believe me, I know people, and I know she was faking......"

Quite why lauren would want to do this is beyond me, and Phina didnt explain.:wacko:
We then had 'BedGate'. Phina (after initially refusing pointblank in the first week to move to the treehouse), it seems has taken a liking to the comfier beds in said treehouse. Jan has a bad back and asks David, as leader, if he could ask Phina to move back to her bed around the campfire so she could take her place in the comfy treehouse bed. David asks Phina in private but Phina (who has accused Lauren of faking injury) decries that she cannot give up her bed for Jan because she's done her neck in during the bungee jump, which is the first we (and it seems anyone) have heard of it. So Phina (in my opinion) is emotionally blackamiling the camp by saying 'I got your dinner tonight therefore I need the bed' . She's a right manipulative bint. :glare:

There was another Treasure Chest Challenge. Girls v Boys. It was Jason/Dean v Malandra/Myleene. They were taken to a clearing and had to pile what looked like beer crates up into a teetering column, climbing them as they went to reach a golden key dangling above their heads. The prize was in a perspex chest, and it was breakfast !
Jason got positively demonically bug eyed about the thought of only having to share a Danish between the four guys and the competition was very good, with Jason just beating Myleene to the key.
The chaps brought the chest back to camp, the girls - apart from Faith and Myleene - disappeared to bed, as they couldnt bear to watch the boys devouring food.
David Gest looked into the chest was heard to orgasmically moan, "uhhhhhh dannnnnnisshhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh......" they then all started tucking into cereal with milk, a half a piece of bread & butter with marmalade each, a quarter of Danish filled with cream, and other assorted goodies, all washed down with a cuppa tea. It mustve been like nectar lol....

The main meal came and some damn fool (we never found out who) suggested that Jan and Faith cook. The bickering then started (well, Jan was doing most of it), and everyone was pulling their hair out in the Bush Tucker Telegraph as all they wanted was their food - not too stupid women sniping at each other.
One example went like this :-

Faith : Jan, I dont mind if you want to do the cooking...
Jan : No, no, I dont, do you?
Faith : No, but I thought if you wanted to do it on your own....
Jan : You dont want to work with me, is that it??????
Faith : (looking bemused), NO! I didnt say that..........

and so it went on..... :wallbash:

Later there was a cruel little psychological trick played on the contestants in the way of a "Tabloid headline Quiz". The rules were that their had been a few Im a Celebrity headlines in the papers in the last two days and the zelebs had to guess which were true and which were false. They were mainly innocuous, but there was one or two interesting reactions. The first was the question, "JUNGLE RAT TORE APART MY FAMILY....! the contestants said, "false" when it turned out it was true. The only person to react in a very very worried way and say, "who is that about then..?" and look perplexed for aaaaaaages, was Dean Gaffney (maybe with good reason???), the other reaction was from Matt, when he heard that the tabloid headline, "JUNGLE CHEAT BUSTED", was true. He seemed very put out, worried and although he kept saying he had forgotten about it, you could tell it was on his mind as to what it was all about.

Finally, we had the eviction. It was between Faith and Malandra. Faith was voted out and she had her interview and big exit where she burst into tears and hugged "her Len". Bless. Personally speaking, I liked Faith and would have preferred Malandra to have been booted out.

Hopefully I havent forgotten anything? Apologies if I have.

Liking the cut of your jib.........[Image: aniburns.gif]
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25-11-2006, 11:50 PM
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Saturday, 25th November 06 Show
Lordy, Pan! I'll read this tomorrow when I can give it my full attention.
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26-11-2006, 12:14 PM
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Saturday, 25th November 06 Show
Any idea why they dropped the "re-vote for the last two scam" - don't tell me that they have developed a conscience!

What's so funny about peace, love and understanding?
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26-11-2006, 12:32 PM
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Saturday, 25th November 06 Show
good going Pan! :good:

wasn't Scott an obnoxious little prat re: the "bored housewives from Bradford" line. although he did leave out the "fat" word this time from his insult on all people ordinaire. No doubt he is sitting in a massage parlour being lathered up by a couple of his boy dress-sewing pals, bemoaning the fact that all his friends were out on Friday night and that's why he's still not there!!!! honestly this moron defies belief!

I've gone right off Phina now, and for her part in joining in the with bitching I'm glad that Faith has gone too. Anyone who dares be rude about David Gest at this stage when he has done (imo) so well throughout goes down to zero in my estimation!

I still want David to win, but wouldn't mind either Jason or Mylenne winning either.

Still can't stand Jan and wish that she would get voted out. I fear the longer she stays in there the more validation she gets that her pathetic whinnings and portrayal of a victim are acceptable - THEY AINT! Love the way that she is now prattling on about "her journey" whilst in the wood clearing and how after two weeks she's realised that she can manage without a man in her life ... are we really supposed to believe that she's for real?!
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26-11-2006, 12:33 PM
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Saturday, 25th November 06 Show
Rob Wrote:Any idea why they dropped the "re-vote for the last two scam" - don't tell me that they have developed a conscience!

I noticed that too, Rob.

Whatever the reason I'm glad they have dropped it - it was just so money grabbing and un-necessary.
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26-11-2006, 02:36 PM
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Saturday, 25th November 06 Show
Dolores Wrote:I noticed that too, Rob.

Your observancy never fails to amaze me.
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26-11-2006, 02:41 PM
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Saturday, 25th November 06 Show
maxine Wrote:Your observancy never fails to amaze me.

hmpff :ranting: ... that's one less Christmas card I need to bother with ! :evilmad:
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26-11-2006, 04:53 PM
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Saturday, 25th November 06 Show
Dolores Wrote:I noticed that too, Rob.

Whatever the reason I'm glad they have dropped it - it was just so money grabbing and un-necessary.

I think it was to do with the fact that Parky was coming on! He had obviously told ITV that he wasn't moving his time-slot for anyone!

Scott just gets nastier & nastier doesn't he? Phina is so up her own backside, what a nasty woman! I watched the programme with Phil Schofield & Sheree Murphy during the week and one of the guys Ben ? from Footballers Wives was on and you got the impression that he didn't like Phina all that much. Phil was trying to get him to dish some dirt on what she was like on the set but although he didn't say anything you just knew that she caused trouble.

Can you imagine what her interview wil be like? It will be *me* *me* *me* *yawn*

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