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Sunday 24/7/06 highlights for those that missed it...
24-07-2006, 03:34 PM
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Sunday 24/7/06 highlights for those that missed it...

Sophie Anderton is losing the plot completely and if we thought she couldnt get any bitchier and nastier - we were wrong. She and Danan are on a collision course and the rest of the girls (and one or two boys) are getting heartily sick of her bossy, bitchy, controlling behaviour.

There was a "Strength" task (ie holding buckets of water out at waist level) for the blokes. Lee immediately started to suffer, his little puny body and arms were shaking within a minute. Shane decided to drop his buckets (oo-err) before Lee, to spare him the embarrassment. Other strength tasks followed and the adenoidal Brendan won.

Then the 4 female Love Islanders had to line up with their backs to the blokes. The boys were given a number of pre-printed words on cards and were asked to agree amongst themselves which girl had which 'quality'.

Brendan, was given the job of pinning the card(s) on the back of the girl.
Everything went well until it came to the derogatory cards.

Shane said (laughing) to Brendan about the card 'Bitchiest', "Put it where you know it makes most sense". Mucho sniggering because they all KNEW who was going to cop for the nasty cards.

The cards were stuck on the women as follows:-

Kelle: Strongest, Nicest, Cleverest
Colleen: Sexiest
Sophie: Bitchiest, Moodiest, Bossiest
Bianca: Laziest, Funniest

Each girl then had to turn around, take off her card, read it and hear the 'reason' from the boys. As Sophie's read hers out, most of the blokes were hiding behind Chris and Leo was trying (badly) to conceal his laughter behind Chris' back.

Sophie went mental and was saying, "oh thanks, thanks very fcking much guys....." and started having a right strop. Shane and the rest were pishing themselves laughing, although Shane gave her a wink when he realised she was starting to get mad (a marriage proposal in Sophies eyes), the girls were trying to hide their giggles behind their hands as The Anderton continued to rant. The Danan was shouting back, "its just a joke, dont take it so seriously. For godddddddds sake Sophie" She shot him a daggering look and stalked around flaring her ample nostrils and looking evil.

When it was the guy's turn to line up, Sophie COMPLETELY took over. All you could hear was her voice and she was grabbing cards out of people's hands, saying, "oh sexiest, well we know where THATS going.....*little smirk* " - She then snatched the derogatory cards up and went and stuck "bitchiest" and "bossiest" on Danan's back . When he read them out he shouted, "is this just YOUR opinion Sophie, or the opinion of the others? because I know that you decided to put the nastiest ones on my back yourself, I could HEAR you".....
The Anderton smirked and shouted, "oh Paul its ONLYYYYYY a game, chill ouuuuuutttttttt" but he wouldnt and kept asking the same question over and over again. Until the 'game' had turned thoroughly nasty (obviously the idea!).

You could tell from the look in The Danan's eyes that its now war and god help her when he's had a drink !! [Image: eek.gif] He later said in the Beach Hut how much he disliked her.

Later we saw more "do you think Shane likes me?" talk from Sophie to Kelle and tears from Sophie. Kelle refused to answer Sophie's question (what does THAT tell you Anderton??????????) and Kelle kept saying "look you MUST talk to him" to which The Anderton replied she couldnt face the rejection if he didnt like her and that she came to Love Island to get away from pressure and from London - bit of an odd comment when you think she's been recently saying she is at her happiest EVER. She protests a wee bit too much about how wonderful her life is at the moment - and I get the feeling she is screaming inside such is her bitter and twisted personality.

Then we have the arrival of new girl, Emily. A young, blonde Australian swimwear model. She looks a bit familiar actually so you may recognise her. The rest of the girls greet her nicely.
The Anderton greets her but is instantly checking her out big time. One minute after greeting her, Sophie says to the nearest girl, "swimwear model? Ive been doing it years and I dont know her...." then she asks Emily, "you model swimwear? I havent heard of you....." Emily (looking rather pished off) says, "well you wouldnt Ive only been doing it 6 months". Sophie looks down at her and says haughtily, "ohhh riiiiiight, Ive been doing it 15 years " Sophie then practically orders Emily into the bedroom, points to a bed and says "you can sleep in the double with me".
One or two of the lads later, in the Beach Hut, comment on this and says that Sophie did this to keep Emily as far away from Shane as possible and now has her in the bed next to her, where she can control and keep an eye on her.

Emily is then asked to go and sit on the beach and interview each one of the blokes individually in a "getting to know you session"..... Emily has already admitted in a pre interview that only the viewers have seen that "well I know Sophie has her eye on him, but I love guys with shaved heads and tattoos, and Shane has them, so who knows?".....

For the duration of Emily's getting to know the guys session, the girls are locked in the bedroom, where - through the windows - they have a perfect view of how Emily is getting on.

The Danan - during his interview with her - goes absolutely FULL ON. All huge white toothy smiles and stalker blue eyes and he ends up singing to her. Throughout, Emily has the look of someone that wants to vomit. She is so not interested in him its embarrassing.

The Danan has done 'a Sophie' back at camp and told Chris Brosnan that Emily is "his" and so he considers Chris warned off. (You can see a Crash and Burn scenario about to unravel in the next few days cant you? lol)....

Emily gets on with most of the lads and when it comes to Shane's turn, she asks him about his tattoos and he is laughing and joking with her.

During the rest of the bloke's interviews, The Anderton is centre of attention inside the house with the rest of the girls as the conversation is all me me me me me me/Shane/me me me me me. You dont actually hear anyone else speak apart from Kelle. Sophie takes the opportunity to have a go at the latest recruit and says about Emily, "there is NO WAY she is only 23, she looks much older and if she's a swimwear model, she cant be that good. Im at the top in the industry and frankly Ive never heard of her....." Silence follows and Kelle says, "that sounds so bitchy Sophie" to which Anderton replies, "no no, Im just being honest. I really DONT think shes telling the truth about her age.... Some models do lie about their age you know... not me of course, umm others do it though...."
Suddenly, at that moment Shane is having his interview with Emily, Sophie realises this, stops and cant stop staring through the window at them. She sees them laughing and Shane pointing out a tattoo on Emily's arm and them talking about it and really getting on. Sophie then bursts into tears. (I was throwing my flip flop at the screen by now), the other girls - now heartily f*king sick of the silly bint, offer comfort but its rather muted.

Later on, we see a bit of Emily interacting at the dinner table, with the Danan staring at her "lovely green eyes"... (puke)... then he decides to go to bed and wishes everyone goodnight. Emily barely gives him a glance and the glance she DOES give him, with a curt "g'night" suggests that she's just stepped into a cow pat, such is the look of disdain.

We see Kelle speaking privately to Shane about "him and Sophie" and the fact that Sophie may be getting the wrong idea. Shane says, "Im not leading anyone on, if thats what you are saying". Kelle says "no no not at all, I know you are not doing that, but maybe you should talk to her". Shane replies "if she asks, then Ill tell her Im not interested"....
Although I didnt see this, I believe one or two of the other men in the resort then drop hints about the bunny boiling Anderton (Leo probably) and I think Shane then has a think about Kelle's chat with him earlier and decides to clear the air.

He calls The Anderton over to the dinner table where its private and says, "I think we need to talk. One or two people have made comments to me today and I want to clear the air before anything gets weird...."

The Anderton does the 'confused and dont know what you are talking about' look and says, "weird???"

Shane then says, "Look we are friends, thats all. I dont want this getting weird and our friendship spoiled by any misunderstandings. We are good mates and thats how Id like it to stay. You are a lovely girl and we get on and we are mates.. people have been saying stuff and I dont want things getting weird......."

Sophie (now in brilliant actress mode), says with a bewildered look on her face, " errmm Ive no idea where this has come from, no idea who has been filling your head with this stuff, and making you wonder if things are going weird with us.... I dont want to know who it is either (deep sighing as if its all such silly nonsense)... yes we are mates, Im clear about that, no problem babe. No weirdness at all. Dont worry about it"

They then hug and The Lynch looks like a man with a weight lifted off his shoulders, little knowing that The Anderton has been lying her head off. Wait till he sees what shes really been saying to the others when he is evicted !!!! (If he is).

Now although I didnt see the last part, I think (Im not sure but Im positive someone will put me right if Ive got it wrong), Sophie then decided to go into the Beach Hut and deliberately misinterpret what Shane had said and ended up saying, "I respect his decision for not wanting to play out anything on national TV but I can see us getting together once we are back home"...

Deluded? Much? [Image: eek.gif]

Liking the cut of your jib.........[Image: aniburns.gif]
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25-07-2006, 12:27 PM
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Sunday 24/7/06 highlights for those that missed it...
Spot on!

(Why are'nt more people watching this's a hoot!)
And yes..that is basically what Sophie said.She still thinks that Shane loves her....and is just being coy on national telly and when they get off the island they will be a couple.
She is interpretating his total lack of interest in her as 'respect' and 'protection'.

'Come away, oh human child, to the waters and the wild.With a fairy hand in hand...for the world is more full of weeping than you will understand.........'
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26-07-2006, 05:44 PM
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Sunday 24/7/06 highlights for those that missed it...
Thank you chick and thanks to all those who good repped me for it... :wub:

Liking the cut of your jib.........[Image: aniburns.gif]
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