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The Exonerated
12-04-2006, 09:21 AM
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The Exonerated

Went to this last night.

It's the true (scripted) account of 6 people who have been convicted on spurrious evidence and commited to execution. They spent many many years on Death Row before being exonerated. (although the common-law husband of one was wrongly executed in a disastrously fumbled electrocution).

The cast included Sunny Jacobs who IS/WAS one of the six covered. She recounts her own story, experiences and emotions. Her calm, yet emotional delivery leaves you speachless. She was imprisoned for 17 years awaiting execution for a crime she and her husband were only a spectators to. It was her husband who they bungled the execution of.

Imagine sitting there and telling all this to an audience of strangers. I can assure you there were plenty of tears being shed (including many men).

The cast included a couple of Hollywood names but with Sunny there they are what they are..actors (albeit very very fine actors).

If you feel you have or need to find a concious, do some research, check out the current availability and forthcoming cast members and go.

If you want entertainment I would not suggest this is one for you.
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