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The Final Night.....
17-07-2005, 04:41 PM
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The Final Night.....

I just read this from some semi-illiterate on another (clearly inferior) forum:

Just got a e-mail from Tom ( some guy i dont know) Who says that he has details on final night twist!

on the Final the housemates finishing in 3rd and 4th will be evicted and then Davina will go live to the house to annonce that the final two housemates will be the house togather for 1 more week!!!, just the two of them. He says that this will be a shock to the housemates and to the public and it will be a week of shock and suprises!
then at the end of week 12 the final two housemates will leave and the winner annonced!

i relly hope this is true as i think it would be histerical!
id like to see Ant and Science togather for the final week of thats the case! as they seem to get along ok!

I think its total BS, but I only share it as I very much appreciated the single response to it, stating the bleedin obvious "Why would some guy you don't know email you to tell you this..." .

I wish the Maxwell supporters would stay off the forums lol.
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17-07-2005, 09:46 PM
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The Final Night.....
Hmmm, sounds like a load of rubbish to me too.

Im sure Derek went into the Diary Room, to ask about the final week and came out and announced that "they" had said there would be four housemates left on the final night of the final week. Thats why he now keeps saying that there are far too many of them still left in there...

I reckon there is a double eviction coming up soon.

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24-07-2005, 10:08 AM
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The Final Night.....
So, we have seven people left and two more weeks to go ... am I right so far?

Why at week 7 have we still got seven people left? How can we get rid of them all? ....and i do mean ALL .... I don't want any of this lot to win. Here are my reasons:

Anthony - Craig's batty boy, who has encouraged Craig's deranged behaviour and is now reaping the quite scary effects!

Craig - control freak who uses tears as a bargaining tool and constantly harasses Anthony. Also has very warped view of life and other human beings. Give him a few more years and he will be a scary man in his thirties who is still hanging around young boys of Anthony's ilk and age and luring them off to public toilets.

Derek - bitches about everyone then is astounded when someone else bitches. Is bullying Orlaith and "grooming" Kemal! Is gradually losing the plot whilst constantly plotting! yawn! grow up Derek!

Kemal - latches on to whoever he thinks is the "power" in the house. Is currently torn between Makosi and Derek.

Makosi - nuts, completely nuts, the pregnancy malarkey was just one step too too far.

Eugene - please god no! this man could bore for Britain, to let him win would be saying "you're a great bloke" when he is clearly just marginally above average.

Orlaith - done far too much whinning about wanting to go ... let her go!

... i only came online to visit Delia's site for tips on how to season a frying pan ...
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24-07-2005, 11:43 AM
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The Final Night.....
Just one thing. Orlaith said to Makosi "2 more evictions to go" after Science name was announced.

Is she correct?
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24-07-2005, 01:39 PM
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The Final Night.....
I think there are two more proper evictions leaving 5 in the house on the final week. One will go mid week and the remaining four will go one by one on the last night.
They did this last year.
I am just so not bothered anymore

The winner says it may be difficult but it is possible; the loser says it may be possible but it is too difficult
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