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The "Relationships"
25-07-2006, 09:29 AM
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The "Relationships"

I have to admit to not watching this quite so avidly this year, but a couple of things have caught my eye. Quite early on, Bianca and Leo seemed to hit it off and now they are an "item" on the island. Apparently, Chris and Vicky were too, is that right? Now she's gone, so Chris is going for plan B, i.e. Colleen. Does this girl have no self-respect? First she admits to him that she was hurt when he brushed her aside to let Vicky sit down, then she tells him that she still likes him despite this.

Also, Leo is such an emotional bully with Bianca. He is manipulating every situation involving her, trying to make her feel guilty. When she came back from her day out with Chris on yesterday's programme, Leo acted like a petulant toddler whose mother had ignored him all day. He didn't even ask her if she'd had a nice time. When Bianca told him that she had been thinking about things and watching the way he flirted with other girls, he immediately twisted it round to try and make her feel bad. Hopefully, she's seeing through this now. Trouble is, I get the feeling that if things turn sour between them, he will turn into quite a nasty piece of work.
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25-07-2006, 09:33 AM
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The "Relationships"
I agree with you Pats about Leo. I hadnt noticed how controlling he was until last night. The way he just lay all day in bed saying he was depressed. He hated the fact that his girl could be having fun elsewhere.

It was also telling the way Bianca spoke to Chris about her relationship with Leo and Chris told her to stand up for herself.

As for Chris and Victoria, i really did genuinely think he liked her. He was telling everyone that he thought they had a start of a good relationship - but the minute she left the island he was flirting with Colleen. Bad boy. I mean, i didnt think anyone could like 'Sour Puss' Victoria as she was miserable as sin and never smiled.

As for Colleen and Chris - like you said, this is odd. But i do think that Colleen is playing him as much as he is playing her. I think she is quite canny.

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25-07-2006, 12:13 PM
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The "Relationships"
Fair play to you both for being able to follow the conversaton!!!
I could hardly keep up, because those two can barely string a sentence together.They kept trailing off and finishing each sentence with ' you know what I mean'.
I gathered by the sulky expression that Leo was acting like a spoilt child,and Bianca walked off...good on her.
It was the same with Chris and was hardly adult conversation.
WHY are they so bad at expressing themselves.
Chris has this very irritating way of speaking:imitating james bond type speak!
Totally false,and very creepy.His 'technique' is nausiating.
I would not touch him with a barge pole.
When he is chatting to the 'laydees' I find him very sleazy..yet when he is just doing normal stuff I think he is ok.
It will be interesting to see the choices tonight...
Cant' wait to see the new couples!

'Come away, oh human child, to the waters and the wild.With a fairy hand in hand...for the world is more full of weeping than you will understand.........'
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