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Tour de France
23-07-2005, 11:26 PM (This post was last modified: 23-07-2005 11:33 PM by mazwad.)
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Tour de France

I have just returned from a terrific holiday in France. The weather was lovely in the 80's the whole 2 weeks, a bonus when you are camping. Mr M and I were in our little camper van and my son and his wife three kids and my brother in a large tent.

We went via the tunnel to Calais and travelled about 180 miles to a place called Jablines 15 mins from Eurodisney. It was a lovely site with manmade beaches by a huge lake. The kids loved Disney, all eight of us, the Star Wars ride was really good and also Pirates of the Caribean, too many to mention but those two stuck out in my mind. We had 4 days on this site and then moved on.

Next stop was about 280 miles across to Pontorson near Mont St Michel.
Another really nice site called Haliotis would recommend it to anyone it was my favourite. Very clean, fairly cheap, nice pool and friendly staff. It is also very well situated for visiting the Mont, St Malo, Dinan and Dol de Bretagne.
The kids really learned to swim here and can now do a length of the pool even Stevee who is 7. Before this holiday the twins who are 10 could nearly manage a width but very sploshy and Stevee couldn't swim at all.

Our third site at Pont de L'arche was a municipal site therefore very cheap. Pretty place right by a river and as on the other sites had electricity available, comfort camping with an electric kettle for my cuppa (couldn't drink wine all the time). The men took the children fishing here but never managed to catch anything although other people never seemed to have any trouble we saw big fish being pulled out. It is expensive for the licence 27 euros for under 12's but it lasts for a year.

We went to the bar to get the licences as we had promised them fishing and had taked rods for them, I mentioned it was going to be expensive for 2 days fishing and found out we were talking to the river guard and he said it was ok not to bother, he would look the other way, so we bought him a beer.

During the next day a fairground set up next door to the camp and there were some dodgy looking characters around, so we made a decision to move to our next stop a day early, we were glad we hadn't had to buy the licences, the kids did have an evening and morning fishing .

Our last site was in Guines which my son insisted on calling Guiness. We had 5 days here and visited Nausicaa a large sea life centre. Worth a visit they are very strong on the environmental issues about how we are ruining the planet.

The site Bien Assise was very good, lovely pool with seperate waterslide, easy entertainment for the kids. They were so confident in the water by now their dad taught them how to dive but they were only allowed to do it with an adult present. I spent a lot of time by that pool. The men went off to Belgium for tobacco and cigarettes £2.80 for 50gms of tobacco and 2.70 for 20 cigarettes, in case anyone is interested. The site was only about 30 mile from Belgium and 10 from Calais so we didn't have far to go to the tunnel terminal.

On the way back to Calais we found a great wine and beer warehouse called Franglais, juction 40 off the A16 only 10 mins from the tunnel. If you join their club which is free you get 5 per cent off and they give you a card to use if you go back there again. We bought rather a lot of wine but in my defence some of it is for gifts.

Back home now with piles of washing to get through hence the late post. Sorry its such a long one but included details in case anyone is thinking of camping in France. A very relaxing enjoyed by all holiday, I feel really refreshed.
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23-07-2005, 11:47 PM
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Tour de France
Wow Maz - sounds as if you had a fab time! :thumbsup:


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24-07-2005, 08:05 AM
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Tour de France
Im very impressed with the swimming achievements! Sounds great. Lots of good experiences. Great rundown. Thanks for that.

:boxing: Angel small steps lead to great things
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24-07-2005, 09:16 AM
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Tour de France
Hi Mazza - good to see you back. I know we had a brief conversation yesterday but it was good to read all about it, the old brain doesn't take it all in unless it's written down :bag:

Sounds a really wonderful holiday (unlike visiting the outlaws) Good job I still have me memories of Spain Smile

It's such a relief when the kids can swim isn't it. I remember sitting by the pool on our caravan site a few years ago just watching Tom all the time, didn't dare read a book in case he disappeared!

I'd love to take Tom to EuroDisney - I looked on the website but couldn't make head nor tail of the prices and accommodation. Something to think about for next year maybe.

I spent all day yesterday transferring things one at a time into the "Shared" folder on the network between the two computers and then copying them into the various places I wanted them on here, then my son came in late last night and with two clicks managed to transfer to whole of my Hard Drive into the Shared Folder which would have saved me hours of huffing and puffing :glare: Kids eh?

It looks lovely here at the moment with one computer on my desk and another one on the dining table :ohmy: Nearly done it now though so hopefully will be able to get it sorted soon.

(Sorry - didn't mean to hi-jack your holiday thread but we haven't had much time to chat yet).

It's persisting down with rain so I have disgruntled hubby who couldn't go to bootsale and bored grandson who can't go out with his mates.

Back to the old routine with a vengeance. Six weeks school holidays - Grrr!

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24-07-2005, 09:25 AM
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Tour de France
Glad you had a great time Mazza - good to have you back :thumbsup:
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24-07-2005, 09:46 AM
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Tour de France
Hiya Maz! :bye:

Glad you had a good holiday and welcome home!
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24-07-2005, 12:01 PM
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Tour de France
Hiya Mazza:bye: sounds like you had a fabby time.

Well done to the kids on their swimming achievements. I want my two to learn but they will not take any kind of instruction from me, very independant wanting to do it themsleves:laugh:

Mazwad Wrote:Another really nice site called Haliotis

First read this as "Halitosis":laugh:

Oh and great price on the baccy:thumbsup:

[Image: 429.gif]
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