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Twitchy Eye
10-08-2005, 01:40 PM
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Twitchy Eye

I have this terrible twitchy eye – the bottom right eye corner - for about 2 weeks and its driving me mad! It twitches more in the evening when its non-stop. I am no more stressed or tired than normal – any suggestions? Its twitching as I write!
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10-08-2005, 01:47 PM
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Twitchy Eye
Gawd MAria Rob I haven't had one of these for years now - but I agree when you have them they are infuriatingly annoying. I always thought it was because you were tired - but you say you are no more tired than usual, then my next thing was going to be stress, but same again.

If you think of the mechanics of a twitch, it is the synapses in the nerve cells sending extra pulses across the synaptic gap. Perhaps you have a trapped nerve cell that because of it's disability, the others around it are compensating and sending extra pulses of electricity - hence an irritating twitch.

I have actually made that last bit up [well not totally there will is some merit in amongst that lot] - but it makes sense to me.

You know when you have sciatica or trapped nerves around your obdy, it is generally a nerve trapped in something mechanical bone or cartlidge, so when you have a trapped nerve in your eye it must be a muscle at fault. Or you could have a vitamin deficency that is affecting your eye muscles or too much of something else.

The bottom line Maria rob is that I don't know - but am just mulling over some Flip possibilities.

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