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Weird night
23-08-2007, 05:36 PM
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Weird night

A couple of weeks ago we went to my best friends daughters wedding at a posh country hotel. The day was lovely everything going to plan and even the weather was beautiful. The only sad part was that the brides dad Nick died 4 years ago and he was sorely missed on the day.

His sister told me that she had been to a clairvoyant and Nick had come through to her, she was sure it was him as he had a unique sense of humour and she was adamant she felt his presence. He told he he had learnt how to do the phones and lights and that he would demonstrate.

She didn't stay for the evening reception but if she had I think she would have been gobsmacked. Around midnight a part detached itself from the crystal chandelier and smashed down shattering a beer glass right beside the wedding cake.

At around 2am we were all in bed when very loud music resounded through the bedrooms on and off about 4 times. Some people including my husband slept through it, god knows how it was horrendous. Others tried to ignore it and stayed in their rooms, some of us came out onto the landing to try and find the source of it. I was one of the inquisitive ones in my little shorts and top lurking in the hall I met the brides mum Dawn in her nightie and across the hall a couple had come out to investigate and got locked out of their room, he was in a little pair of black pants and she was squinting and fumbling around as she didn't have her contacts in. The only other one up was a drunken Irish lad.

We went downstairs to try and find someone, music had stopped but couple locked out needed help and he didn't want to wander around in his underpants and she couldn't see. There appeared to be no one on duty, we tried every door and called out loudly so we then tried ringing the given numbers. Half an hour later still no answer so we tried the police to see if they had a different number in case they had to contact them, they only had the same one we had. Meanwhile my husband had woken up and wondered where I was so he came to join us. He discovered the front doors to the hotel were unlocked and went outside to see if he could climb up to the room and get in the window the couple had left open. No chance it was too dark to see anything clearly. At this point we discovered the fire alarms were switched off.

By this time it was about 3am and we were all still wandering around in our nightclothes, suddenly the front doors of the hotel open and a couple with suitcases wander in. I don't know what their first impressions were at the scene that met them with us milling around at that time half undressed. They asked where they could book in as they had rung during the course of the evening to say their flight had been delayed and they had prebooked the hotel, they were told that was ok as they had a wedding party on someone would be there to see to them. We let them try phoning the number and getting no result they were miffed to say the least.

I offered to make them a cup of tea as all the rooms had kettles etc. I showed them the library which had comfy sofas and offered spare blankets and pillows from our room but they decided not to stay and were going to drive home to South Wales about 3 1/2 journey. They left a note to make sure they never got charged and we signed it to say they did turn up.

By now it was 3.30am and the Irish boy gave his room over to the couple who were locked out and he slept on the floor of his cousins room. The rest of us went back to our rooms and tried to get some sleep. At around 7am I heard the music again but much quieter, it was sort of classical but with birds twittering, I was determined to find out the source. I got dressed and went out to find one of the staff who told me it comes from the kitchen and its played in the mornings. I told him of our experience in the early hours and that he may have quite a few complaints to deal with, he said someone must have been messing with it.

I asked him where the night staff were and he said they didn't have a night porter there was just a phone number for guests to use if they reqired anything during the night. He also told me that the doors are left unlocked in case smokers want to go outside, he didn't have an explanation for the alarms being switched off.

It was certainly a night to remember and wonder whether Nick was making his presence felt, I'd like to think that was the case, he would have had a good laugh over it.

Here are a few photos

Me with my best mate the brides mother.
[Image: meanddawnsmall.jpg]

Daytime outfit
[Image: mefronthotelnikkisweddingsmall.jpg]

Evening outfit
[Image: mebytreenikkiswedding.jpg]
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23-08-2007, 06:49 PM
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Weird night
Maz, it sounds a very weird night. Did you complain to the management about nobody being around and the alarms? I'd be putting pen to paper!
What did the porter mean when he was talking about the music... "it comes from the kitchens"? Does the chef have a passion for music, or is it a spooky nobody knows where the music is coming from thing?


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09-09-2007, 06:55 PM
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Weird night
In that last picture there's a ghostly figure lurking by the bushes - could it be Nick?

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