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What type of lace wigs should I look for?
09-04-2012, 09:33 AM
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What type of lace wigs should I look for?

What type of lace wigs should I look for?
In recent years, lace wigs have gained more popularity, this is because most celebrities are now wearing them. The well known names among the several are Britney Spears, Trya Banks and Beyonce. They primarily wear them to safely, securely and convenient alter their hairstyles and overall appearance.
If you are considering a lace wig, you should be aware of a few facts that play a vital role in obtaining one.

Firstly, you should have a basic knowledge about the different kinds of the wig. Some people wear lace front wigs and Lace Frontals out of a necessity due to medical conditions that bring about hair loss (such as alopecia). Others may wear them as a protective style to help nurture the growth of their natural hair and yet others may choose lace wigs as their preferred hair fashion. Whatever the reason, lace wigs are becoming more popular as people are realizing its versatility, ease, and natural looking appearance. Lace wigs are an excellent choice for women of all ethnicities and with our affordable prices, it is no longer a luxury only enjoyed by celebrities and entertainers. We're sure you have wondered at how celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Tyra Banks, and Mary J. Blige, (to name just a few) are able to achieve such flawless hair all the time. Yes, their secret is the same quality product now available at juicy lace Hair! So who can wear these lace wigs? Anyone!...and yes, that includes you! These products are not just for the celebrities. Anyone who is interested in natural looking extensions will benefit from our product line.
[Image: fd0999_18_deep_wavy_2_1.jpg]
Sure! Some new customers think if they wear their full lace wigs or lace wigs. They need to have a close shave. No, it is not necessary! But you need to make your own hair as flat as possible or if you prefer in cornrows underneath, it is better to have your own scalp showing when you wear our lace wig for a more realistic look. So before you buy full lace wig or lace front wig. If you want to wear the hair wigs with you own hair. You may buy one a little large lace wigs. If not, you may feel not comfortable, when you put your lace wig on!
Secondly, Since most wigs that are crafted from lace are made from human hair, it demands the equivalent care that you do for your natural hair. As said earlier, there are many wigs that are made from synthetic material. This synthetic material consists of wool, buffalo hair or horse hair. Although these types of lace wigs are made from high quality material, it is tough to distinguish the real hair from the artificial hair.
However, one feature in distinguishing the two is the ability of the hair to sustain heat. Synthetic hair wig is easily damaged by high temperature, whereas; human hair can still tolerate little high temperature. Wigs made from lace are usually tailored using two different hair types, still, it depends on your personal choice, and you can opt for the one that suits you well. In addition, you should also consider your budget since human hair wigs are most costly than synthetic but they are long lasting and are high in quality.
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