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co-owner Gavin Maloof getting loud o
25-04-2012, 07:06 AM
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co-owner Gavin Maloof getting loud o

As the Kings Arena SagaTurns <map id="FPMap5" name="FPMap5"></map><p><br /><br /><br /><br />HANG TIME WEST – In summation: This is why it has taken about<a href="http://www.cheapjordansz.com">Cheap Jordans</a>
10 years to get even this far on a new Sacramento arena.</p><p>Not money, though that has obviously been a factor in recent years. Not the NBA wanting the Kings to leave for a bigger market, despite how many people in Sacramento screeched such a,claim in conjunction with the cries of big-market (Lakers! Lakers!) favoritism.</p><p>It’s that Kings<a href="http://www.cheapjordanshoesair.com">Cheap Jordan Shoes</a>
management and local leaders can’t get out of their own way. As in the city offering a poorly written ballot measure in 2006 that could have closed the deal before the economy and the team went in the tank, as in the Kings owners contributing to the election defeat<a href="http://www.jordan-shoes-:boxing:forsale.com">jordan shoes for sale</a>
four years ago with an ill-timed burger commercial that flaunted their wealth at the same time taxpayers were being asked to dig deep, and now, as in the same Maloofs regurgitating much of the,good will that had just been won. <em>This</em> is why.</p><p>Here <a href="http://www.airjordanshoeso.com/">air jordan shoes</a>
they are, an agreement in place, funding under way, co-owner Gavin Maloof getting loud ovations at City Council meetings, mayor Kevin Johnson being cheered at Power Balance Pavilion… and stop the clock. Time for another layer of absurdity.</p><p>The <a href="http://www.jordansshoes-forcheap.com">Jordan Shoes For Cheap</a>
Maloofs are objecting to paying $3.26 million toward pre-development work. That’s serious pocket change in the real world, but in their universe, it’s less than they pay occasional starters. It’s a small fraction of the $75 million they’ve committed to construction.</p><p>Or: Just maybe these details should have been worked out before the sides announced the romance was back on,and rose petals fell from the sky.</p><p>Then, in the real new layer of incompetence,
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