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new voice - vittorio
08-09-2006, 01:05 AM
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new voice - vittorio

has anyone heard about the new italian tenor vittorio? i just heard about him through a friend of mine who works at universal. I love artists like josh groban and andrea bocelli, so i was so excited to hear about a new tenor. My friend also gave me his new CD...amazing. My favorite song on it is the duet with nicole scherzinger from pussycat dolls called 'il mio miracolo'. listen to it and let me know what you think.
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10-09-2006, 11:20 PM
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new voice - vittorio
Hello artyjames,

I am a serious classical music fan. I have Vittorio Grigolo's first Cd and In the hands of love. This young man has a potentially great singing voice. He is not in the same school as Josh Grohban, the later here is a crossover singer. Grigolo is a comletely trained voice but has chosen to start his career recording crossover music. This I find really sad as with a voice as strong as his he could easily have followed in the footsteps of say Roberto Alagna or I suppose if you were thinking older operatic singers of note than Placido Domingo.

I hope for his sake that the classical world of real musicians and singers do not hold this against him when he comes to making progress as a performer rather than a studio produced artist. Otherwise this lovely voice will be forgotten in a year or two when the next one bites the dust.

Sadly I think the recording industry is trying to give the nation semi trained voices and passing them off as classical pop singers, who in return gain a little fame and money, a temperarily lavish lifestyle and then a few years down the line there careers are over.

This is so unlike the Renee Flemings' or Kiri' Jessye Norman' Shirley Verrit, Marilyn Horne' Caballe' of this world, who make classical music a career for life, and towards the end of there careers record lighter music, from say the musicals, or folk music from there homeland, or a few pop anthems. Maybe even some contemporary classical music from legendary films.


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