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since they get moved
25-04-2012, 07:09 AM
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since they get moved

ou know, when we get back to the U.S., we air jordan shoes
need to get together and see where we stand on everything. Two days after he got back, he asked to meet for coffee at our normal meeting place. After we talked a bit, I asked, How are you coming on finding a coach, And he said, We should know in about five minutes. I said something like, Well, it s good that you ve got a lead that is pretty hot. And then the way he looked at me, I could something was up. He said, Hey, you know, we need you to do this, and I asked him for a couple of days., I m obligated to teach a class at a, local college here, and I had to look at my schedule. Well, we found we could accommodate my class, and the travel didn t appear so daunting. I was just sorta in the coaching mood, I guess.</p><p>SI.com: Do you plan to implement,something like the Dallas jordan shoes for sale
game plan, Or do the Legends not operate like that, It seems like copying an affiliate team s offense would help cut down on the alleged tendency of some D-League guys to gun for their own points.</p><p>Harris: Actually, we don t really implement the Mavericks game plan. We don t have anyone like a certain superstar player. [Editor's note: Due to lockout-related restrictions, Harris can't mention this player by name, but I can: Dirk Nowitzki]. We will just teach things that are fundamental to NBA ball. Anybody that comes in will have a pretty good understanding, because we re not going to be doing anything really wild.</p><p>What we do need to have is a point guard that can have a reasonable command of the game. Traditionally, the D-League and its predecessors have been guard-oriented; the big guys either aren t good enough, or if they are, they don t last long, since they get moved Jordan Shoes For Cheap
up. It tends to be a guard-oriented league, and a shooters league. Cheap Jordan Shoes
You need that person who has presence and vision, because a lot of those shooters cannot create their own shots.</p><p>SI.com: Let s switch gears a bit and talk about your career, which has taken you lots of places. I know you ve addressed it a bit before, but I ve always been Cheap Jordans
curious what you thought of Leslie Nielsen
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