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the incredibles
18-11-2004, 07:13 PM
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the incredibles

i watched the incredibles last night - very good might i add. and if you havent seen it its about a superhero family. the dad's power is that he is mighty strong, the mum in her youth was known as elasti-girl and she can stretch and bend to any shape she likes. their kids are called dash and something else and jack jack. the teenage girl can send out force-fields to dodge bullets and she can also vanish. dash can run very very fast and i wont say what jack jack can or cannot do coz that doesnt get revealed till the end.

so what superhero powers would you possess if you could?

i also want to add that in the film theres a eccentric designer and shes very very funny. i was peeing my pants when she was on!! think shes based on vera wang or zandra rhodes or vivienne westwood or some other dotty designer. but extremely funny indeed. look out for her!

kookycat? she makes exceedingly good posts

[Image: pot002.gif]

[Image: egg03061.gif]
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18-11-2004, 07:26 PM
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the incredibles
I'd like to be invisible for a while. Think of the mischief and fun you could cause.

Trouble is then I start thinking about the practicalities of being invisible. Say for instance, I wanted to get from A to B and it was too far to walk. I'd either have to drive, causing approaching drivers to either have a heart attack or swerve off the road. Or, I'd have to take public transport and you can bet your bottom dollar, if you're invisible someone will want to sit right where you are.

Then I thought, how would my clothes be invisible and concluded I'd have to be naked. That's all very well, but as I was walking along, the soles of my feet would get dirty so I wouldn't be invisible any more. What if I wanted something to eat, at one point does the the food become invisible. Would people see my most recent meal being digested in thin air?

I get so bogged down in the minor details that I take all fun out of it for meself :mellow:
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