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Full Version: I Want To Swear
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Because it makes me feel big and manly.

That's a lie, but swearing adds oomph, and let's face it, is really ace. I at least want to be able to say the word that is an Irish way of describing excrement. It was one of the few indulgences I was allowed before.

I remember starting a thread on this on the last board, but can't remember what conclusion we came to.

What? Why?

I fixed your avatar btw. Big Grin
I had noticed that Scoobs wasn't as big and manly as he was before.... Big Grin

Scoobs use the no swearing policy as an oportunity to expand your vocabulary....go to the dictionary and pick out a few words which sound really cool and through them in at random when your enraged..... :ranting:
Oh, juggle off you big hoof!
Flyo Wrote:Oh, juggle off you big hoof!

I am laughing my head off.

(we need the smilie for this too, words are not the same)


[Image: laughing.gif] [Image: rotfl.gif]
I used to think swearing was cool and hip, but nowdays I think it is just vulgar. Except when you're angry. When you're mad, nothing vents it like a good old cuss.

Although having said that, for some reason I swear like a trouper when I've been drinking. I wish I didn't though.

Generally though, I find it offputting if I hear someone peppering every second word of an ordinary sentance with swearing.

But, there are some words swear words that I don't really regard as swearing. Things like bluddy, the Irish pronounciation of poo, the phrase "p!ssed off" (as oppossed to "p!ss off", which is swearing) and the word for a female dog. But if it befins with "C", "F" or "W", then its swearing!
There's a time and a place for really bad language! :o

After dark, in the bedroom! Cool
Groucho Wrote:After dark, in the bedroom! Cool


Your "sweet nothings" must be really romantic Groucho Tongue
Well I swear quite a bit, but it's usually calling someone a name after they beat me at table football or something...

I don't think I swear much in normal speech, unless my normal speech is enraged...

I actually told a pigeon to "F Off" the other day because it wouldn't move out of my path... it ignored me...
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