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Simple thread....basically whatever statement you make it must start with sometimes....for instance today I have to say....

Sometimes I like to act totally childish and immature for an hour or so just to get it out of my system! :kid:
Sometimes I really want to punch Coastie in the face for starting such cr@p threads.


Sometimes I really like silly threads like this, especially when I haven't got anything interesting to say which is most of the time Smile
Sometimes I'm the fourth person to post in a thread.
This should have been called the Rhona Cameron Thread.


Sometimes all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you.
Sometimes I wish I was never always right.


Sometimes I love life....


Sometimes my computer "freezes" for no apparent reason and I have to shut down!
Cat Wrote:This should have been called the Rhona Cameron Thread.

Sometimes Cat misses the point but actually does have quite good ideas dispite straying from the single, simple, numpty proff instruction given at the start of this thread! :laugh:
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