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Full Version: MP3 help
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Sorry am always looking for help but...

my MP3 has 350 MB free space left but my computer wont transfer any more music files to it (keeps saying the directory or file could not be created). Its so annoying lol! Ill repay anyone who can help loads Smile!

Thank you hope all is well in the land of SO!


Hi Sharky :bye:

It is nice to see you - I hope everything is well with you!

Sorry I can't help, I have to get my boys to download songs for me, so I really have no idea what you are talking about but I just wanted to say hi.... Big Grin
and my contribution will be to post in this thread and keep it near the top for you so someone who can help sees it, cos I have no idea either...

Perhaps Whim or Blink might know, they seem very technical Big Grin
What make is it ?
Make is NAPA with 1GB
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