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Full Version: Anyone know anthing about York?
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The boss is going for a weekend in York, flying into Leeds Bradford Airport.

I have tried various sites to organise transfers, either by rail or coach with no success. Does anyone know this neck of the woods ? Is it possible to get from York to the Leeds airport by one or the other?

National express just says no. very helpful!

Many fanks.

Have you googled?
No. Blush
Get back in that bar!
Patsy Wrote:Get back in that bar!

No. :mad2:
TE, I apologise for the invasion of your very valid thread by my little wet friend. She's very excitable you know.

Coastie, go away and leave the nice lady alone.
No. :devil:

(In my defence I miss read the thread title...thought it was about Yorkie bars....see where my minds at can't you!)


Coastie Wrote:see where my minds at can't you!)

Truck drivers..?

TE, there's lots of good Viking archeaology there. :fireman:
And a great railway museum. And it was one of the four major roman cities in England.
It has a Cathedral too!

(see I do know something about York!)
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