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Full Version: Worlds Ugliest Animals
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I'm trying to post a picture of the world's ugliest dog as a start, but for some reason can't get the picture up.

Karen has the link below (thanks Karen!)

The dog is real and a 14 year old something or another that has cataracts (hence the eyes) and some skin problems, but its apparantly loved to death and well treated.

Has been champ in the world's ugliest dog competition 2 years in a row now!

[Image: uglydog.asp]
Edit again:

I felt like crying when I saw him in the paper last week. The poor thing looks deformed. He's not though, and apparently is very much loved by his owner.


I love this cat picture too. I don't believe its real though (maybe it is, but I would take some convincing!)

[Image: worlds_largest_cat.jpg]
Oh that poor dog, Nice someone loves him though.

Unlike this thing

[Image: 109247.jpg]
Oh Fee, that's disgusting :sick:

Sorry to all you frog lovers out there
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