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Full Version: Hey All!
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:wub: hello all im new to this site and could do with a few friends to tell me the ropes so any offers???? anyone wanna get to know me and have a friendly chat?hope to hear from some ppl soon luv n kisses Cherry :wub:
Hi Sexysexy..that you are indeed.

No nudity here mind.

Welcome :wave:
Sexysexy - hi and welcome???:wave:


Welcome to SO sexysexy :bye:

Anything you aren't sure of just ask Smile

Voice of reason

Hellooooo and welcome Smile

Ask away, we don't bite...well ils does actually, but she's been fed today so you should be ok :laugh:
Welcome sexysexy. Hope you enjoy the site. Smile

Whatever happened to our adopt a newbie scheme?


I think that happens at the end of the show H as it is a little busy just now!
Don't know Haydon, but have you just volunteered to adopt sexysexy? Smile


Cat[/url Wrote:]

No nudity here mind.

No, not in the Introductions forum. We have a special section for that. ILS does a monthly calendar, you know.
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