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Full Version: Gridlock
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This is a very addictive mindbender - you have to move the grey squares about to get the blue square out of the "exit". It gets harder of course.

It has 40 levels and I've been playing it for days and got up to level 36 but the next time I went to play it had put me back to the first level :cry: It saves the levels automatically, in theory, but I was saving each one just to be on the safe side - but I'm still back to level 1, dammit!!!!
I'm stuck on 24, but I think I've done too many on the trot :shocking:
I am struggling to get past level 11!:evilmad: I just can't work it out.:wallbash:
My 10 year old has just completed level 15. *snigger*
Patsy Wrote:My 10 year old has just completed level 15. *snigger*
snigger all you like you old trout......

I still cant do level 11:cry:
Patsy Wrote:My 10 year old has just completed level 15. *snigger*

Try him on these. :evilmad:


Fee For All Wrote:Try him on these. :evilmad:

Could you please explain to a dimwit what the heck you're supposed to do?

I just dragged all the stuff into the middle but I had no idea why or what the object of the game was Blush
Addictive that little red circle is.
I've no idea in what order they should come, and why. I keep getting boos at the end of it, although last night I got a cheer.
If you drag them in the right order, you complete the game! The Cube one is fun, with the little men. I find these quite relaxing, as even if you get the wrong order, it does different things.:laugh:

It's still a logic puzzle.
I'm stuck on 25 on the grid now :evilmad:
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